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Mount Vernon, NY | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Mount Vernon, NY | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Hip Hop R&B




"The Break-Down: Breeze Mantana’s ‘Let Us Cook EP’"

Breeze Mantana is humble enough to let one of his peers open his own five-track-EP, but he’ll aim for your head if that’s what it takes to stop you blocking his journey to the top.

On Let Us Cook’s 3rd song—titled “No Bronze Medal”—he briefly raps over Nas’ J.Dilla-produced “The Season,” initially launching an array of boastful bars only to back them up 30 seconds after. With plenty of rhyming skills, Mantana is not to be confused with rappers stuck in a ‘lyrical miracle’ bubble. In under 20 minutes, he makes sure the listener also gets a preview of Breeze Mantana’s unfeigned side.

Fire is a sensual cut with short-lasting significance at first listen. Simply because of being followed by “40 Belows,” the best record on Let Us Cook, as well as one of Breeze’s most profound tunes. Lead by low-brass, the beat, resembling Metronomy’s recent compositions, accompanies Breeze as he raps “Now I got a daughter, gotta grind and spoil her, daddy did 10 and wasn’t there I can’t foil up. There to see you crawl, I was here to see you walk,” hoping to not replicate his own father’s mistakes. Promising his daughter a clearer explanation of his reality, when she’s mature enough to comprehend it.

Creatively enough, he sums up enough content for you to grasp all week, in 5 tracks. Let Us Cook is more than just an appetizer — it’s a bold statement regarding Breeze Mantana’s future.

Fortunately, Breeze Mantana was kind enough to offer us a breakdown on how each song transpired to Sermon’s Domain. Read below to hear how the stories behind the EP.

“Vanilla Sky”

“I sat with producer Joe Parker, (1 half of the producer duo white kids N reverse) at his home. I already had the sample, I wanted to use that sample for sometime. I told him what sounds I wanted to use and he did his thing. I hit Chris Black and told him I had something for him and he sent it back in like 2 weeks. I originally had a verse just rhyming, metaphors, entendres etc. When Black sent his verse back it was so personal, I had to go back and change my verse because it wouldn’t of fit. I kind of procrastinated on finishing the verse because there was certain things that was coming to mind that I didn’t really know if I wanted to talk about.

I start the verse off “might never jump the broom as long as karma looms” describing a fear I’ve had about never being able to get married because of karma and things I’ve done to women in the past not allowing me to possibly ever have that happiness, even if I have changed. The whole verse goes to me talking about that and watching people I’ve been with progress and get married or engaged, have families, and me still not knowing what’s next for me. Next going into a recent difficult situation and how I will always have love & respect for her for holding me down 100% during the time I was incarcerated. Also going into how I have a daughter to raise and I have to set an example with the things I do and how I treat women because I am the prototype for what my daughter chooses to accept from a man in the future when she gets of age. To summarize it the verse is about growing up and maturing.”

“Head Shots”

“I had this joint sitting on my laptop for a while and I just decided to write to it. I wrote it out of frustration with a lot of different things. It’s just me rhyming being witty. Real lyrical without trying too hard. Just effortless sparring. Sometimes in the past when writing I held back a lot thinking that people wouldn’t catch certain lines or metaphors. This song I said fuck it, they’ll get it when they get it.”

“No Bronze Medals”

“I was in the house with my daughter and I was playing the beat. She kept humming the horns and wouldn’t stop even after I stopped playing it. So I asked her if she liked it and if she thought I should rap on it. She said yeah and I just started writing whatever came to mind. So that’s how this joint came about.”


“I met Dead PM at school. I am currently enrolled into Berkeley college pursuing my degree in marketing communication. I found this beat on his Soundcloud and immediately started writing. I’ve wanted to do a joint like this for sometime now but haven’t been able to find the type of production I wanted for it. I have a lot of female supporters,maybe more women than males, so this one is to show appreciation and acknowledgement to them without being sappy and corny.

J Hyve is an artist from Toronto. I had the verses recorded but needed someone for the hook. I was sitting on it. I happen to ask on Twitter if anyone knew any alternative artist for another song on my upcoming album American Greed:The Sweetest Revenge, but ended up getting referenced to Hyve from xxclusive of Also by someone from my hometown Mount Vernon who knew him as well coincidentally. Sent him the joint and he sent back that hook and I loved it.”

“40 Belows”

“This is another song I got from Dead PM, also off his Soundcloud. I wrote to it before but I trashed the verse. I decided to try again as therapy to get some things off my chest that I was going through at the time. I wrote this out of frustration as well. Even when I listen to it now after it’s been out, it’s hard to hear it without it evoking emotion out of me. Reminding me of why I made the song to begin with. This is the most personal song on the EP. It’s actually the last joint I wrote for this project so it’s very recent, those emotions are still fresh.” -

"Breeze Mantana - Let Us Cook"

While his supporters patiently await the release of his upcoming album American Greed: The Sweetest Revenge, Breeze Mantana decides to liberate yet another project; a follow up to his much applauded GoldMind Tuesday Series.

Let Us Cook is a preview or rehearsal dinner if you will for American Greed. The EP features 5 Tracks,Each showcasing a different point of Mantana’s Lyrical Spectrum.

Stream the project in it’s entirety compliments of Audiomack after the hump! #LETUSCOOK - HipHop Since 1987


Summer has finally fallen upon us. With knowing this, music heads, especially music heads in New York, are beginning to look for the song of the summer. Enter candidate #1.

Mount Vernon emcee Breeze Mantana is gearing up to release his forthcoming album American Greed: The Sweetest Revenge. To maintain the hype, he recently dropped the video for his single “Do Wit’ Me.”

Produced by Ster City, this record also features some of the leaders of the newest New York wave, Harlem’s Kadeem King and the super dope Qu’ality.

Qu’ality’s infectious voice carries the hook, while Mantana and King spit heavy New York bars. If you’re looking for a song for your summer anthem, this definitely might be a great contestant.

Check the video out below, and be on the lookout for American Greed: the Sweetest Revenge. -

"New Video: Breeze Mantana Feat. Qu’ality & Kadeem King “Do Wit Me”"

Ahead of his forthcoming American Greed: The Sweetest Revenge LP, Mount Vernon emcee Breeze Mantana unloads the Maximillian-directed visual for “Do Wit Me,” produced By Duo Ster City & Walley West.

Peep the Qu’ality & Kadeem King assisted clip after the jump. -


Let Us Cook - EP

American Greed : The Sweetest Revenge (LP)



Breeze Mantana Was born in Yonkers,NY and raised in Mt. Vernon After His Mother met the father of his younger brother . At age 9 as a quiet Kid, he started writing raps aside from his main niche which was art, being inspired by two but very important things that made music catch his interest . One being a trip to legendary producer, Pete Rock's house, a Mt. Vernon native . The secondary being four christmas gifts, Big Pun's "Capital Punishment, Fat Joe's "Don Cartegena", Camron's "Confessions of Fire", and DJ Clue's "The Professional part 1". He then started to read the dictionary to build his vocabulary, never once revealing himself, till he knew he could outrhyme anyone. At age 15 Through a mutual friend he met with another ambitious spitter, Capacity, and started a crew called "F4 Politics". The buzz got around Mt. Vernon High quickly, to the point Breeze would get pulled out of class to battle in the courtyard, and this is where he ran with a two year winning streak. The battling scene wasn't enough, he wanted to really master his artistry. He met up with a local producer Spunk Bigga, who taught him song format and intricate bar arrangement. Taking that wisdom he started putting out official mixtapes with Backdown Entertainment. till the crew grew too big and eventually went their separate ways. after not recording for almost a whole year in 2005 he met up with Sha from Enta Da Dorm, spitting a 16 over the phone, which later became "Check Please" on the "914" mixtape ".With 914 the mixtape dropping in the summer of 06', and spreading around the tri-state, he than dropped "If I Was Signed To Star Trak" in February 07. The mixtape did well, garnering a buzz through a lot of street promotion , he than prepped for the release for his mix- album, "You Only Live 2Wice" which debut in December 2010. The project was an in depth look into the deceptive and tempting allures of the street, on all levels, personal to general. Now Coming Off An 18 month bid from September 2011 And His Weekly Series #GoldMindTuesdays, He's Gearing Up For The Release Of His Forthcoming Project American Greed: The Sweetest Revenge

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