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Bob Pepek

Enfield, Connecticut, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2000 | SELF

Enfield, Connecticut, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2000
Band Rock Acoustic


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"From the Let Go (Bob Pepek)"

"Connecticut isn't known for its riveting music scene, but Bob Pepek emerges as a pop-rock artist. Pepek writes catchy melodies over simple, pop-acoustic instrumentation and rhythms.

His e.p., From The Let Go, begins with a singable song, A Little More. Performed in the vein of The Bare Naked Ladies, Pepek strums and leads a somewhat quirky and fun tune - perfect for a long summer day.

This Promise to You opens with an acoustic conversation anyone will admit to having at least once in their life. Its these stories and conversations of everyday life that Pepek captures and puts to song.

But perhaps Pepek's best effort is when he strips things down to his guitar and a smattering of strings for the album closer, Just One More Word. Its darker and more subtle, and suits his voice and talent most accurately."

- AwakenMusic Publications

"What About Bob?"

Nightcrawler: What About Bob?
Pepek peddles debut disc; a Snow report in Sunderland; some solemn Salloom news.
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Thursday, June 11, 2009
By Gary Carra

To his credit, Bob Pepek has always played it cool. At family functions, concerts, or just random encounters at a local watering hole, someone invariably comes up and asks him how his musical career is going, then ultimately concludes, "Well, you should be on a label in no time. Your cousin is the Nightcrawler!"

Pepek will usually deflect the observation with something like, "Yeah, well... he's a busy guy."

But hopefully, he knows the real truth. And if he ever needed someone to talk about it with, all he would have to do is go find a local sports team and a kid whose father is the coach.

The assumption is that someone in such a position will receive favorable treatment, of course. More often than not, however, the reality is quite the inverse. In an effort to stave off the aforementioned pre-conceived notion—and, perhaps, feeling the weighty glare of the watchful masses every step of the way—the perceived "favored son" oftentimes has a tougher experience than his contemporaries.

So while your friendly neighborhood Crawler never made his cousin pick up the balls after practice or ride the bench so even the kids who suck got equal playing time, he is guilty of being stingy with his ink with regards to his cuz, to say the least.

After more than a decade of music-making and a spankin' new CD waiting in the wings, guess it is as good as time as any. So what about it, Bob? Ready for your moment in the spotlight?

"Of course," the now Enfield, Conn.-based singer/songwriter says with a chuckle. "And after all, you are responsible for this, you know!"

"Moi?" the Crawler replies.

"Yeah... I was a punk guy until I started talking music with you," he explains. "Then you gave me that Beatles tablature book and showed me there was more to songs than power chords. I might very well have been fronting some melodramatic punk band today."

Based on the capable composition and hook-happy melodies evidenced on From The Let Go, Pepek's five-track debut, punk's loss is a gain for fans of singer/songwriter-driven soft pop—with the EP's architect leading listeners through a sonic assortment of instantly-accessible toe-tappers and wistful balladry.

Although Pepek ( has firmly established himself a solo fixture on the regional coffeehouse circuit, he says he'll utilize the occasion of his June 13 Maximum Capacity CD release show to enlist the services of some of his colleagues and perform fully-realized versions of the tunes in the full band format.

"To be honest, I only perform solo so much simply because of schedule," he explains. "In that I know mine. But, yeah, any time I can get some of my amazingly talented friends to come along, I jump at it." - Gary Carra

"From the Let Go - Bob Pepek"

~ "From The Let Go is upbeat and energetic acoustic rock (think Sister Hazel or Train). Bob Pepek shows real promise as a songwriter, displaying a strong sense of melody (and great harmonies!)..."

~"Bob Pepek is a name you should be hearing more of over the next few years. I would not be surprised if he builds a fairly steady following over time and if we're still hearing new music from him 20 years from now. For the time being, From The Let Go is a strong entry into the pop music discography. It's definitely worth a listen, so check it out!..."

And more @ - Wildys World

"Bob Pepek – Down Here"

Bob Pepek’s ‘Down Here’ is an earnest and heartfelt song, a touching memorial to a lost loved one which is portrayed sensitively through some thoughtful arrangement.

Mostly piano led with some strong guitar work, it’s a track that stands out on its own terms. When music is so clearly based on real life and loss, it almost always becomes touching in some way, but Bob Pepek’s skill in writing and performing makes this become so much more. It is never once trite, or twee, with no moments that become cringeworthy. If anything Pepek really draws the listener in to his reality, inviting them to engage with the sense of loss and the desire to see the person who has gone just for one final glimpse. While there is such a deep sense of sadness and longing in the song, there is also an element of hope within, poining towards the way in which those of us who are left behind still have a life to live, perhaps in honour of those who have left us. Musically, the track allows plenty of room for the words to make an impact, creating moments of cinematic power and strength, so that as the final bars play out we are left with the same sense of bereavement that has been communicated. - Chris Marsh

"Down Here - Review"

Artist and composer Bob Pepek released his debut album “From the let go” back in January 2009. Even after a few years, he still rides high on the wave of the incredible receptions and increasing popularity of his songs and work. As an accomplished artist, composer and performer, Bob set out to lace his songs with a perfect blend of melody, energy and thought-provoking lyrics that truly resonate with his growing fan base. It did not take long before Bob moved from performing small local coffee ship gigs to join several internationally acclaimed performers on stage; opening shows for artists the likes of Amie Miriello, Black47 and Julia Nunes, just to mention but a few.

Bob’s songwriting do not only stand out because of his keen sense of groove, melody and arrangements: his lyrics are direct, heartfelt and extremely easy to relate to, making it really easy for his fans to connect with him through his work. This is one of those rare artists who does not only create entertainment with his music; but value his craft as a pure and unadulterated form of self-expression. When you are listening to a song by Bob Pepek, you are truly peeking into a little piece of his soul, and it is quite clear from the get go.

His music is pure and refreshingly personal, while at the same time, he manages to hit listeners with a striking sense of familiarity, just like getting all wrapped up into your favourite blanket on a winter night. - BandCamp Diaries


From the Let Go (EP - 2009)

"A Little More" - upon request
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WTIC 96.5fm

"Down Here" (Single - 2015)

"Pratfalls & Curtain Calls" (LP - TBA)



Bob Pepek, released his anticipated debut album “From the Let Go” in January 2009, much to the excitement of his already sizable army of fans. The exciting, newfangled sound that he has made his own is certain to gain interest from across the world. Skope Magazine listed Bob as “Artist to Watch” in 2009.

Bob started at local small coffee shops and gradually ascended to playing opening gigs for national acts that include Amie Miriello, Black47, and Julia Nunes. He was quickly noted for the unique style that he brought to the music scene, and his popularity began to grow. As his confidence grew and his style developed, he soon saw a loyal following begin to grow and he became a popular local hit in the New England music scene. But although his name was continuing to grow in New England, it is not here that he will be destined to become a star. Bob has developed an affinity with traveling. His performances coast to coast provided him with the ability to reach out to a wider audience. Currently, his music can be heard in over a dozen indie films in both the U.S.A, and Canada.