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Black Dirty

Mount Laurel, New Jersey, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Mount Laurel, New Jersey, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Alternative Indie




"Rocking with the “Black Dirty”"

Each member brings a distinct musical pedigree that doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. Instead, all these separate flavors blend seamlessly into a sonic concoction that is both exhilarating in it technicality and intimately soulful.Take for instance the eclectic jam “Qwerty.” It starts off like a song by The Antlers you can shake your hips to, with some soft atmospheric tones and an infectiously funky guitar riff alongside Brooks’ smooth vocals. Then, with a magician’s sleight of hand, the song slips gracefully into pummeling drums and furious tapping that’s a distortion pedal away from belonging on a Protest the Hero album. Despite the drastic changes in tempo and parts that sound like they’d be a workout in themselves to try to play, the song never drops its chill charm or loses its way. It’s these ballsy musical choices, polished into tunes that manage to be accessible for casual listeners while still providing something for theory nerds to get excited about, that betray the mark of true musicianship. - Tyler Horst

"June 2013 Music Roundup"

Black Dirty - Dirty Water

Although from South Jersey, indie postrock/alternative/math rock band Black Dirty can be found these days playing in Philadelphia, PA. The four-member group released their first EP, Dirty Water, in early June. Despite the album name, the four tracks included on the album feature some great, clean-sounding guitar work. Not to be outdone, the vocals and drums are at the same level of quality and clarity. Have a listen below and then go pick up the album. It’s free!" -

"Black Dirty - Why Don’t I Climb Trees Anymore? (Live)"

Damn, check this math rock band out… super chilled and cute effects heavy riffs from them kids in Black Dirty. - See more at: - Math Rock Blog

"8 Great Underground Philly Bands"

"It’s hard to pin down the sound exactly, but it sounds something like an imaginary island of alternative music located somewhere in the mid-Atlantic. It’s not quite a UK style math-sound and it’s not quite a folk-esq US sound either, but it is populated and punctuated by the same sonic measures of tapping, slides and complex syncopations that we know and love. - -Aidan McGovern, Musical Mathematics

"Review: Dirty Water EP by Black Dirty"

Black Dirty… let me just begin this review by saying I think they’re incredible. Their debut EP, Dirty Water EP, was released June 10th and shines bright as a star for the band’s future. Beautiful guitar work, delicately crafted vocals, and cool polyrhythmic bass and drums reign supreme in this four piece’s formula; it can be easily assessed as rock solid in nearly every aspect, with no facet falling flat.

Tyler Brooks and Brandon Cohill work splendidly on guitar, creating complex tapping rhythms that encompass the sound of the band. Other methods are employed to conjure a rich sound that swallows the listener in a sea of mathematical waves. Brooks alone delivers pristine vocals to accompany the soft guitar, with none-too-menacing delicate singing. Steve Camisi puts the groove into it, his bass lines complementing Jerry Gambino’s polyrhythmic drum work in a fine manner. Overall, the band works together to fashion an unbreakable bond of marvelous sound.

This review may be short, but that’s only because I’m trying to get a point across: Black Dirty is magnificent. Tapping rhythms, melodic vocals, and groovy jams to back it up, the stars have aligned to form this little gem of a band; the prospects look hopeful for the future.

You can get their album for free here -


Dirty Water EP - June 2013



Black Dirty is an Indie/Math Band from South Jersey. We come from very different musical backgrounds. Previous influences include indie, funk, jazz, metal, classic rock, hip hop . . . etc.

At this point we all desire the same thing. We want to make something new and thought provoking. Art is another form of communication. When words and explanation cannot efficiently convey what someone is feeling, the Arts bridge that gap. We want to have an idea, feeling, emotion and have it understood to the highest efficiency. We want to come as close as we can to taking something from our brain and sticking it directly into yours. This band is our attempt to do that with our instruments. Making music that feels good and keeps us interested, but really caring about what the listener will think at the same time. We want people to understand or at least feel something that we are. To do this, we have decided to use some weird time signatures, angular beats and guitar riffs, and heavy lyrical topics. We feel that by using these compositional tools, with attention towards remaining accessible, we can pull the listener out of the trance that people have become so accustomed to from the manufactured formulaic pop music of today's music industry.

We put out our first EP last summer Black Dirty/ Dirty Water which can be downloaded or purchased at  We have played in the Philadelphia, NYC and Atlantic City areas including Hard Rock Cafe, Kung Fu Necktie, Milkboy, North Star Bar, The Legendary Dobbs, The Grape Room, Roxy and Dukes, Delanceys, Le Grande Fromage... to name a few. Check out our press reviews at 

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