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Bristol, Virginia, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015

Bristol, Virginia, United States
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Rock Metal




"Below 7 Album Review"

Our neighbors from the south, “Below 7”, have created something phenomenal with their new release “Crashing Down”.
These southern gents have a flavor that is wickedly masterful, with a particular southern charm that can’t be replicated up north. Yet, you can’t define their sound as “southern rock”, it’s really not close. Rather, it’s a handful of grungy, with a dash of bluesy, and a lot of rockin’ metal that’s energizing and like comfort food at the same time.
“Freight Train Coming” is the first song on the album and a perfect indicator of what you’re in store for. There’s a driving groove that gets straight to the point with some buzzy guitar work and punchy vocals. While many breaks in songs back off to build back up, the break takes the song into a heavy groove that oozes with power. This is the song you need to play when you’re looking for a big win. It will pump you up to Hulk status.
“Miss Misery” is next and starts off with a deliciously dirty cadence. It has a sort of corner bar on a Saturday night vibe. It’s about an hour or so before closing and you know you’re going to take the party to sunrise with that person you hate to love but are going to keep loving anyway, at least for the night. The answer/call vocals add a fantastic twist to the straight forward melody. straightforward the best song for angry sex that I’ve ever heard.
“Church of Prophecy” has that buzzy type of groove that is just funky and nasty, while the lyrics get you in the mood to get shit done and take names later. The guitars stay super tight with the drums in a way that create a driving force you’ll want to listen to over and over.
After “Church of Prophecy” the best breakup song I’ve ever heard starts playing. “FU&YM2” has more of the buzzy guitars and some breaking rhythms with killer drumming that puts the icing on the cake in that moment, just before you slam the door for good.
It seems fitting that “It Follows” is after “FU&YM2”. This song starts with a bluesy influence, without being morbid. The guitar rings out of the buzz to cut in between vocals that melt through to your soul. Speaking of the vocals, Jarrod’s tone is just sick, nefarious and comforting at the same time. Like, if you have a pit bull that looks evil as hell but is really a big pile of love.
“Crashing Down”, aptly titled, mellows out a bit, with some more bluesy action and a wistful melody. This is the perfect rainy Sunday afternoon song when you just want to crank up the tunes, drink hot beverages and become one with your couch. The guitar cries beautifully over the slow steady drums, without being whiny. The vocal harmonies are faultless, as they have been throughout all the other songs.
Before the melancholy of “Crashing Down” takes over, “Whiskey Baby” picks the vibe back up. The fast-paced rhythm makes you immediately want to start moving, wave lit cell phones in the air, mosh, high five every person around you, whatever you do when you’re excited. The drums totally hit the spot and the guitars keep up outstandingly to the harmonized vocals. Then, just when you think the guitar solo is the cherry on top of this little ditty, the switching speakers piece takes it a level higher.
“Millenial” keeps the higher ambiance going with some dirty guitar work that leads into melodic singing. Again, the drums add that special sauce that make this song delicious and satisfying. The guitars have their highlights as well and bring it all together like a full course meal with a flaming dessert along with it. If you aren’t at least tapping your feet a little when this song plays, you must be dead.
After “Millenial”, you would think “Down” would mellow out a bit. It does get a little slower, but in a heavier and melodic fashion. You can feel it touching something deep inside and even if you’ve never had a stank face, you will when you start grooving to this tune. Horns up, head down while a badass guitar solo builds into vocals that make you want to scream and break shit.
Speaking of screaming, “Scream” is the last song on this album and picks the speed back up. This is the tune you want to crank loudly in your vehicle and sing along at the top of your lungs. It will pump you up for a night out on the town or when you need to kick yourself in the ass to get through another work day. Seriously, it’s going on my regular morning rotation, F$%^ the coffee.
Overall, the entirety of this album is raw. By that I mean that while the production is super high quality – these guys have true grit! None of the songs are effects heavy, they are just pure down and dirty rock that’s genius in the masterful simplicity. It brings out something primal in even the most straight-laced person. Everyone needs this.
Thank you Below 7, we can’t wait to see you live!
Below 7 is:
Jarrod Evans – Lead Vocals
Eric Sheffield – Drums/Percussion
Lance DeBord – Bass Guitar
Scott Moore – Rhythm Guitar and Backing Vocals
Todd Viers – Lead and Rhythm Guitar - The Rust Belt Chronicles


Crashing Down



BELOW 7 was founded by Jarrod, Eric, Lance, and Todd. It started as a way for the long-time friends to unwind and to share their love of music. What began as a simple cover band morphed into a completely unique beast when the band reunited two years ago.Some BELOW 7 members have been playing on and off together since high-school, and in their own bands as well but it wasn't until BELOW 7 was reborn in 2016 that everything just fell into place. The long-time friends started writing their own music, and what came next was pure magic. BELOW 7, heavily influenced by such greats as Godsmack, Alice in Chains, and Rob Zombie began to crank out their own sound they shook the South and made a name for themselves in record time. 

The Modern Rock quintet has a solid sound that anyone can relate to. Their music speaks to the deepest aspects of your soul with very little effort, listening to them feels natural as if they've been the soundtrack of your life all along. You know those songs that get stuck in your head? The kind that you find yourself singing over and over again, the kind that you never get sick of hearing? That's Below 7. 

The band is simultaneously unique and familiar all at once, and the good news is that they've got a whole lot more fist-pumping songs that are sure to awaken your soul.  Now, bringing headbanging your way, 

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