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Albany, NY | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

Albany, NY | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Rock Grunge




"First Glowfest Held On-Campus"

The first-ever Glowfest brought a few dozen students to the St. Joseph’s Hall Auditorium Thursday night. The concert was sponsored by the Public Relations club and live music was provided by bands such as The Bad Mothers (formerly known as The Bonnie Masons), Standby, M!les and Cool J.
The $5 ticket fee for the event went to the PR clubs funds, so they can continue to host events such as Glowfest in the upcoming semesters. Glowfest was a brainstormed by PR club during the fall semester.
“We felt like there isn’t an event on campus that pulls together a bunch of clubs or provides music and entertainment from solely Saint Rose bands,” said Arianna Memoli, a PR club member.
“The light snacks and drinks provided were supplied by other clubs on campus. We felt it would be a great idea to reach out and collaborate with them because we’re new and we wanted to get acquainted, as a club, with other clubs,” she said.
The collaborative effort also provided an opportunity for other clubs to gain access to the student body and get out their own messages without having to create separate events, Memoli added.
“All clubs involved benefit in the end, that was the goal,” she said.
This concert was a result of a club wanting to promote togetherness of the campus, as well an event that would appeal to the many students who call The College of Saint Rose their home.
All bands who played at the event were Saint Rose bands and performed a variety of music from punk to rock. Aside from band, Glowfest also had a set DJ who played recent and popular music. The Golden Knights Dance Team were also in attendance selling sweets such as cookies, brownies, and cupcakes.
“The money goes to our annual showcase on May 7,” said Lizzie Fitzpatrick, a Golden Knights dancer.
Glow sticks were plentiful throughout the evening, as were the props and signs used to take a memorable picture at the photo booth. The décor for the night included fairy lights, huge blow up balls, and glow sticks galore. A couple of seats were scattered throughout the interior of St. Joe’s, but not many of them were filled. The people who attended were too busy taking pictures at the photo booth, getting their face or a body part painted, snacking, playing glow pong, talking, dancing or bobbing their heads to the music.
“My favorite part is the photo booth” said Nailah Airall, a freshman at the College.
Airall’s friend, Qynasa Deveaux, was also a fan of the photo booth.
“It captures us in a fun atmosphere,” she said.
Patrick Flores, the guitarist for the Bad Mothers, was not nervous prior to performing last Thursday night.
“I’m excited to get on stage,” he said before he did just that. “I’d be more than OK with performing again at Glowfest.”
Flores’ bandmate, Brian Chiappinelli, the drummer for the Bad Mothers, performed for the very first time as M!les, his rapper alter ego. Flores expressed great pride in Chiappinelli and his rap career.
The PR Club would love to make Glowfest an annual event and are open to suggestions for ways they could improve or create a bigger turnout.
“Our expectations for Glowfest is that it will be a success, but I guess we have to wait and find out. All we can as for is that people have fun,” Memoli said before the event. - The Chronicle

"Saint Rose Bands to Take the Stage at Glow Fest"

Two bands straight from The College of Saint Rose, Standby and Bad Mothers, will be performing at Saint Rose’s first ever Glow Fest Check on Thursday, April 14.
Standby is a rock group composed of four talented musicians. Liam Davis, 18, is lead guitarist and vocalist, Tyler Schmidt, 18, also contributes to the vocals and plays rhythm guitar, Joe Benevento, 18, plays bass, and Tom Evans, 19, ties the music together on the drums.
The band considered naming themselves Space Station before they settled on Standby. Their influences include Led Zeppelin, James Brown, John Mayer, Herbie Hancock, Jimi Hendrix, Tower of Power, Eric Clapton, The Allman Brothers, and Dave Matthews.
These four composers have known each other since the beginning of their Saint Rose careers. They met their first week of their first semester at the College.
The band started with rhythm guitarist Tyler Schmidt’s determination to start a band. As he became friends with his now band mates, they decided to play together a bit at Jack’s Place, and Standby was formed.
Their similar musical interests, and their desire to write and perform original material helps the band to vibe well together. Their first gig was this past January at Pauly’s Hotel and since then they have performed at The Low Beat and Jack’s Place. They also have an upcoming performance at The Low Beat in Albany with the Bad Mothers on April 10.
Bad Mothers, once known as The Bonnie Masons, is a group of four humorous and talented composers. Matt Dalton, 22, plays the guitar and sings, Pat Flores, 22 also plays guitar, Kevin Bohen, 21, plays bass, and Brian Chiappinelli, 22 plays the drums. Their original name was based off of a female friend of theirs who wished to pursue her own dreams under her own name, so the band decided to keep their infamous “BM” initials and instead call themselves Bad Mothers.
The four friends have been a band for about six months, but have known each other for about a year and a half. When asked the genre of the band, Matt Dalton stated it to be in the category of “groovy grunge.” The band’s musical influences include Incubus, Queen of the Stone Age, Foo Fighters, and Snoop Dog.
Their first show was in August as The Bonnie Masons at Parish Public House. The band has stretched itself farther than its roots here in Albany. They have performed at places such as Olives in Nyack, NY and Piano’s in New York City.
When asked what inspired them to make music together a variety of responses were given.
“We were friends before music, but the music was what bought us even closer together,” Flores said.
For Dalton, it was a necessity that convinced him to join the ranks.
“I needed a creative outlet, then I met Pat, and then needed the rest of the band,” he said.
The band’s creative process is unconventional, to say the least.
“Every song we’ve tracked has been in the dark with our pants off,” Dalton said.
Bad Mothers’ first record is expected to be released towards the end of April. A crowd favorite by this band is the song “Antics,” which “is a banger,” according to Brian Chiappinelli.
As with many things in life, this band does have its challenges, such as finding rehearsal time within their busy schedules. When they do meet to rehearse they normally practice for two hours at a time.
“I want to be successful with this because I believe we can be successful with it,” said Chiappinelli when asked his future hopes for the band.
Flores sees career opportunities. “Why not make something you loved doing into your source of income?”
The next level for Bad Mothers is to put out an EP as physical evidence of their music as well as to gain press and, of course, more fans.
As for advice for others out there who want to start a band, Chiappinelli jokingly said, “don’t do it.”
After a laugh Dalton had some serious wisdom to bestow.
“The people in your band need to be as passionate, and dedicated as you are, and you need to get along,” said Dalton.
Flores added to his band mate’s response, addressing the teamwork required.
“It’s a commitment, because if one band member lets you down, everyone goes down,” he said.
The band’s emotional support and motivation includes their fans, themselves, and their music.
According to Chiappinelli, “the music should speak for itself.”
Dalton warns others about the need to stay true to the music. “It’s important not to forget the passion,” said Dalton.
That passion, coupled with being friends with the others in the group, is a recipe for success, according to the musicians.
“I enjoy this and what I’m doing with this band, I wouldn’t want to do anything else. I’m making music with my best friends,” Flores said, adding his honest statement to those of his friends.
Standby is psyched for Glow Fest and expects to play music for a great crowd and listen to some great bands.
The event is sponsored by the Saint Rose Public Relations club. follow their instagram at SaintRosePRClub for further events and images. - The Chronicle

"Q103 Interview"

If you haven’t heard of Albany’s own ‘Bad Mothers’ yet please allow us to introduce you to the boys in the band and their tunes!
Recently we had Albany locals ‘Bad Mothers’ stop by the Q studios to tell us a little about themselves and how they came to be ‘Bad Mothers’. While they were here we chatted a bit about the release of their upcoming debut EP called “Why Bother” which drops on Friday, March 31st.
They even let us listen to a couple of tunes of the new one including the title track “Why Bother” and a tune called “Come All This Way”. Plus they gave all the details on the CD Release Party which is going down on Friday night at the Hollow in Albany. You can listen to our conversation below and get a taste for their sound with a couple of songs off the EP!

Read More: Albany's 'Bad Mothers' Stop by the Q Studios to Talk Debut EP and Release Party | -

"On The Radar"

Listen HERE. “Why Bother” released February 10, 2017

My band Smittix recently played a show and Bad Mothers was one of the bands on the bill with us. I had yet to hear them play and I gotta say from the first song I was like “hell yes” this was a style and sound I could get into for sure. I was very impressed by how tight the band was, their stage presence and the strong vocals. At one point the singer Matt Dalton said something to the effect of “come here, I gotta tell you something” and like orders from a commanding chief the crowd gathered closely around the stage mesmerized at the talent they were bearing witness to. The promoter for the show walked by me while I was watching the band and pointed to the stage and said “I know right?”, my thoughts exactly.

So long story short I highly recommend checking out Bad Mothers and seeing them live will be an experience you will not regret. In fact I was so impressed with the band that I booked them to co-headline a show with us on March 11th at Pauly’s Hotel in Albany, NY for our 4th Annual St. Paddy’s Day Parade Show. So if you’re in town stop by show kicks off after 2:00pm. - For Us Not Them

"Album Out Now!"

Bad Mothers is that one new band that recently blew me away during a live performance back in February and my band Smittix was so very impressed that we asked them to co-headline our annual St. Patrick’s Parade Day show with us. So excited to have shared the stage with these guys a couple of times before they become so big we’ll have to go through management to talk to them. Until then we are forever spreading the word of Bad Mothers.

Their debut EP “Why Bother” has recently dropped and we felt it was our duty to let you know how to listen/purchase, so we’ve included the links below. Enjoy!

You won’t be disappointed! - For Us Not Them


Why Bother (EP) - Released 2017




Bad Mothers are a Groovy Grunge band from Albany, NY. The twin guitar duo of lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist Matt Dalton and lead guitarist Patrick Flores interlock, creating catchy and powerful riffs. This, accompanied by bassist Kevin Bohen's funky and groove filled lines and drummer Brian Chiappinelli's intricate beats and sweet deep pockets make Bad Mothers are a force to be reckoned with. Bad Mothers are a powerhouse that never fail to give an energetic performance, whether onstage or in the studio.

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