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El Paso, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | SELF

El Paso, Texas, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2009
Band Alternative Indie




"A song a day: Avindale - Where The Light Shines Most"

Three piece Avindale hail from El Paso, Texas and their latest track Time Frames is a whimsical indie pop gem.

The track surprised me on first listen – the first 40 seconds sound very much M83 and Passion Pit inspired but as the track progresses, there’s the sense that there is much more to Avindale than pleasant vocals and laid back ambience.

Time Frames is an intriguing song with off-kilter beats and a beguiling melody that will have you clicking repeat several times. I’ll be watching these guys closely – very promising indeed. - Wee World

"Music Review: AVINDALE"

By Joseph Saucedo
“Where the Light Shines Most,” by ever-evolving local band, Avindale, is both a musical and visual piece that encapsulates growing solidarity among artists from all walks of life. From the composer to the videographer, the track and video are pieced together harmoniously. This artistic crossroads is the culmination of talent coupled with professionalism. It is this attention to detail that allows Avindale to layer Passion Pit-like synthesizers over funky bass and guitar counter rhythms with such finesse.

This track harkens back to the days well before my existence: of dance-inducing 80s tunes such as Taylor Dane’s, “Tell it to My Heart.” What is missing from that track, however, is Oscar Alderete’s impeccably clean staccato picking, which complements the atmospheric groove of keys and drums. Matt Bustillos’s drumming, which I commend for seamless syncopation, makes use of variant percussive depths, alternating from quick hits on the high hat to a lone tom hit on the downbeat.

The song’s first breakdown features Alderete’s standout vocal talent accompanied by lush synthesizers, and in the artistic stylings of groups like M83 and Washed Out. Within the soothing layer of keys, which alone can entrance the listener, are the impassioned lyrics: “Is this love, because it sure feels like it.” These words, in their simplicity, speak volumes to the heart and universal human inquiry.

As the drums resume, yet another layer of synthesizer cascades in the audible periphery with sheer eloquence. Alderete’s funky guitar-strumming style is a modern take on standards like “Good Times” by Chic, while this style was later popularized by artists like Daft Punk with their hit “Get Lucky.” The chorus in its groovy trudge is the product of catchy heartfelt lyrics paired with crisp strikes of the guitar.

“Where the Light Shines Most” arguably stands as one of the most ornate and skillfully layered arrangements to come out of the El Paso music scene in years. As Avindale continues to hone in on their sound, this piece is certainly a staple in their long accomplished catalogue. To listen to “Where the Light Shines Most,” head over to Avindale’s Bandcamp page. - RAD magazine

"El Paso based alt-pop trio Avindale premiere fresh new visuals for “Where The Light Shines Most”"

Featuring spacey grooves with dreamy synths, El Paso based alt-pop trio Avindale are gearing up for the release of their forthcoming EP, ‘Time Frames,’ due for release this summer. Featured on the project and premiering exclusively on GroundSounds is the video for their fresh new single “Where The Light Shines Most.”

The guys had this to say about their latest song:

“The song touches on the constant back and forth thinking, or overthinking, that takes place when it comes to love and the commitment that it is associated with it as a relationship is maturing.”
Check out the video for “Where The Light Shines Most” below, ‘Time Frames’ will be dropping soon! - Ground Sounds

"Avindale - Where The Light Shines Most"

By Jason Grishkoff

Why do we like this?
I'm having a pretty hard time putting my finger on it, but something about Avindale's vocals sound super familiar...

Perhaps it's because this isn't the first time I've covered the band? Indeed, way back in November of 2014 I picked up on their single "Dreamer," which at the time reminded me a bit of Bombay Bicycle Club.

"Where The Light Shines Most" marks a fresh sound for the El Paso band (at least compared to that aforementioned single), with a synthier-emphasis shining strong throughout the track. Overall I clearly like it.

You'll catch this as part of an EP called Time Frames, due for release sometime soonish. - Indie Shuffle

"What's so good?"

By Jason Grishkoff

While EDM may be on the rise, Indie Rock continues to demonstrate that it's not going away anytime soon. Indeed, Avindale's new single "Dreamer" adds one more to the ever-growing catalog of modern guitar/drum-driven music.

Given said catalog's volume (going back as many as 20 years), it always catches me by pleasant surprise when a new song comes along that manages to capture my attention. This so happens to be one of those tracks.

While the Texas-based band may be new to Indie Shuffle, they're certainly not strangers on the alt-rock circuit. To date, they've toured with the likes of Circa Survive, Coheed and Cambria, Jane's Addiction, and Alice in Chains -- a clear testament to a general recognition of their talent.

"Dreamer" is set to appear on the band's upcoming, debut full-length, set for release in summer of 2015. - Indie Shuffle

"Ambient alternative rock band Avindale releases new single, "Dreamers, Off of their forthcoming full-length album."

Ambient alternative rock band Avindale releases new single, "Dreamers," off of their forthcoming full-length album. Having shared the stage with Circa Survive, Coheed and Cambria, Jane's Addiction, and Alice in Chains, the four-piece band was named by Texas Monthly as "one of the rising stars in the Sun City."

Focusing on ringing guitars, groove-oriented bass, and melancholy songwriting, Oscar Alderete (lead vocals, guitar, keys), Gary Espinoza (bass), Alberto Herrera (drums), and Cristian Guardado (guitar) create a sound that "flirts with muscular modern rock and at times happily recalls the early-aughts days of emo before it reached a saturation point." (What's Up)

Their first EP, Cycles (2011), garnered them comparisons to Grizzly Bear, Explosions in the Sky, and the Dirty Projectors, while their latest EP, Lost in A Place Some Call Home (2013) was recorded with engineer and producer Dryw Owens (From Indian Lakes, Culprit). Through Cars and Calories Records and Tower Records, Lost In A Place Some Call Home was released and distributed in Japan and received rave reviews, including from Alt Press Japan. The EP was re-released in the states to include singles "Azure" and "Not Even Gold" in November 2014.

Stay tuned on Avindale while the band is currently working on their first full length record, set to release summer 2015, and is gearing up for a national tour this winter. - ALTsounds

"WATCH: Exclusive Premiere of El Paso Indie Rockers Avindale's Video For "Azure""

By Dan Solomon

The mere fact that the guys from At The Drive-In/The Mars Volta call El Paso their hometown means that its place in the annals of Texas cities producing major indie rock talent is assured. But the bench of talent in the town runs deeper than the marquee stars: Avindale, a four-piece band that focuses more on ringing guitars, groove-oriented bass, and melancholy songwriting than the psychedelic abrasion of their West Texas forebears, is one of the rising stars in the Sun City.

Below, we have the premiere of the video for "Azure," the new single from Avindale. Fittingly, it finds the fellas bathed in blue light as they pour their hearts into a track that highlights both their restraint and their ability to create dynamic hooks. Avindale bear the influences of a certain brand of indie rock—"Azure" resembles a funkier Grizzly Bear, or a poppier Dirty Projectors—but they've come seemingly out of the blue to work a groove that's all their own, all the same. - Texas Monthly

"Avindale - Drawing the listener in instantly"

I can absolutely say that this is by far one band who I instantly fell in love with. is a rarity of indie music talent that formed in mid 2007. Coming from El Paso, Texas, they are one of a kind, whose sounds compare to Two Door Cinema Club, The Pass, Passion Pit, and influences from Circa Survive, Deftones, and Death Cab for Cutie.
Avindale leaves their listeners lost for words because they are anything but amateur. The first song “Azure” made me actually say “wow”. That song strongly drew me in. What I liked the most about the song was vocalist, Oscar Alderete. The lead singer seems so passionate. You can feel the emotion in his voice. With the use of the drums, the guitars, the bass, and keyboard, it’s the perfect mix of ambience, passion and melody, which attracts all listeners. My favorite song would have to be “Summer Meets Winter”. Just that first riff of the guitar catches my attention. It is just captivating. “Blindman’s Mirror” would have to be my second favorite song. The slow bass line and the easygoing guitar rhythms can make anyone lay back and actually get lost within the music. This band deserves to be recognized on a larger level. Avindale is a band that you should invest your time into listening to and enjoying their soothing beats and rhythms. It is very rare that you would find real music that is not all that well known. The more this band puts out new music, it’s sure to gain more fans and popularity. Avindale should continue their style of music and reach out for more of a diverse audience. If you want to check them out, go to http://www.sonicbids.com/band/avindale and expereince the essense that is Avindale. - Indie band guru - Keith Pro

""Lost" and found: Avindale come into their own on new EP"

By Ryan B. Martinez
In a recent music video for their song “Come Through,” El Paso band Avindale turned more than a few heads.
The video shows five musicians unspooling a moody, multi-part rock song, at turns soaring and brooding. Singer/guitarist Oscar Alderete’s smooth voice recalls My Morning Jacket’s Jim James, while the twinkling guitars and pensive bass line evoke Sunny Day Real Estate.
The video was a resounding statement, one that has received 1,850 YouTube views and landed them among the top three El Paso bands in an ongoing video contest produced by local company DoubleScope Films and sponsored by Hoy-Fox Volkswagen. The winners of a second-round online vote will get their own concept music video.
“I don’t know how it got that many views,” says Avindale guitarist Joseph Flores. “We put it on Facebook maybe four or five times over two or three weeks. I’m not sure we can attribute those kinds of viewing numbers just to our Facebook. It’s cycling somewhere, and I think it’s a little exciting.”
It also testifies to the 6-year-old band’s maturing sound and growing appeal, which should hit new heights with the self-release of an EP, “Lost In a Place Some Call Home.” The seven tracks will go on sale digitally July 23, and Avindale plans a CD release Friday, July 19, at The Percolator, where fans can purchase hard copies.
“It’s the first thing I’m proud of that we recorded, and I can listen to it and be like, ‘All right, it’s professional,’” Alderete says.
The EP was recorded in three weeks with producer Dryw Owens at Real Sound Studios in Sacramento, Calif., and members seem to agree it marks the first time they’ve done themselves justice on record. (A three-year-old session at Sonic Ranch in Tornillo yielded three demos, and they also have a 2011 EP, “Cycles.”)
And what justice. This self-described “albumette” is a fully realized work, straddling several rock subgenres and seamlessly conveying ideas rich in meaning and moods. While squarely alt-rock, the EP flirts with muscular modern rock and at times happily recalls the early-aughts days of emo (before it reached a saturation point).
Radio-friendly tracks like “Blind Man’s Mirror” and “Summer Meets Winter” show off a layered instrumental offense rounded out by Beto Herrera on drums, Gary Espinoza on bass and percussion parts commissioned to the band’s newest member, Oscar Medrano.
But it isn’t just the sonics that bear a strangely complex simplicity. Everywhere on the album, the songs charge, pull back, breathe, scream, squall and whisper. “Her Piano,” arguably the standout, toys with volume and emotional dynamics in a tri-part chorus that goes from an intimate vocal-guitar combo, to a full-band rise, to a volcanic eruption of slamming drums, crunching guitars and Alderete’s screaming refrain, “I let go of everything at once!” Awe-some.
“This is us raising our hand in the classroom of musicians and saying, ‘Hey, we’re here and this is what we can do,’” Medrano says.
And to think, the EP nearly didn’t happen.
Herrera had been out of the band – and out of drumming altogether – for three years before the other band members came to him last year in need. Their drummer had dropped out, jeopardizing recording sessions for their already-written material.
After some convincing and his yes, a crash course followed. His take on the EP is more measured than his bandmates’, showing a refreshing unwillingness to rest on laurels.
“Honestly, I mean I like the songs,” he said. “But with this EP and getting back with them, I had stopped playing drums for a while and I didn’t feel comfortable with these songs – in a way that I know I can do better than that. I just had to practice more … Other than that, it’s good.”
The young band, which has been together since 2007 and whose members range in age from 21 to 26, already looks to the future. Plans include a full-scale coastal tour and intentions of bringing their producer to Sonic Ranch for a follow-up next year.
“As artists, we’re always thinking,” Medrano says. “That was the first step toward the way we want to see it, and now we want to see the second step – where it’s going to take us.”
With the new EP, El Pasoans and the world can enjoy where they’ve been. - Whats Up magazine

"Avindale - Dreamer"

Avindale’s drum and guitar led tracks are a perfect contradiction to the band’s vocalist, who provides a dreamy, fantastical narrative that seems to envelop the aggressive tendencies and allows for a softer, more delicate composure to be realized. In their single “Dreamer,” it’s clear there’s also an alternative edge to the band as a whole, for there’s something deeper and more introspective than just plain indie rock/pop. It’s a track that gets better with each listen, and it’s a great teaser for the band’s album, which is due for release next year. - Kid with a Vinyl

"Avindale seeks a aspot at south by so what"

By: Elijah Watson

Avindale, a four-piece indie rock band composed of Oscar Alderete (guitar, keys, vocals), Gary Espinoza (bass), Cristian Guardado (guitar) and Alberto Herrera (drums), made their debut in the El Paso music scene some time in 2007. The group became known for their dynamic performances, blending together ambient and lush melodies with a pulsing groove that demanded a head bob, hand clap or foot tap. Seven years later, Avindale continues to redefine their sound while maintaining the musical foundation that first gained people’s attention. Take their latest single “Dreamer,”: a dreamy (no pun intended) musical landscape that brings to mind Circa Survive (one of Avindale’s major influences), but with a West Texas twist.

Avindale has seen members come, go and – in the case of Herrera– return. But the band continues to move forward. Last year, the group released the music video for “Azure,” which premiered on TexasMonthly.com. The band kicked off this year in Austin, performing alongside multiple bands for the city’s Free Week music event. Now, along with trying to record a full-length album, they’re preparing for a performance for this year’s South by So What Battle of the Bands competition, alongside several other local bands such as Cherubim and Among the Brave. The group that wins the contest gets the opportunity to perform at this year’s South by So What Music Festival, taking place March 20-22 in Grand Prairie, Texas. What’s Up spoke with Alderete about the band’s upcoming performance, recording music and opening up for the likes of Circa Survive, Coheed & Cambria, Jane’s Addiction and Alice In Chains at the Uproar Festival in 2013

Q. How did performing at the Uproar Festival in 2013 come about?
So I find out Circa [Survive] is playing in Albuquerque, and then I see a Battle of the Bands submission for the Uproar Festival. I created a profile, uploaded some songs and submitted an entry at three in the morning. Two weeks later, we got the confirmation that we had won. We cried because we did not expect to win at all. We ended up playing alongside some other smaller bands and got free front row tickets, too. It was a super cool experience.

Q. You also released a seven song “albumette” in 2013 titled “Lost in a Place Some Call Home,” which was your first extended project. How was the recording process for that?
So about two months before we began recording, the drummer we had before Alberto returned, bailed. We hadn’t talked to Alberto in a while but Gary was like, “Let’s just ask him if he’ll come back.” So we went to his house, asked him and he said OK. Shortly after that, we left for Sacramento to record with our friend Dryw Owens. We were there for about four weeks, and lived off chips and soda for that whole month. But it was the best experience we’ve had so far.

Q. You released some singles this year, which were recorded at Sonic Ranch. How did the recording process differ between “Lost in a Place Some Call Home,” and those singles?
Well, we worked with Dryw again for the singles, so he had to get used to the console at Sonic Ranch. We were there for five to six days and worked 16 hours each day. It was a little more stressful recording at Sonic Ranch, but it also made us tighter.

Q. How did the Battle of the Bands performance come about?
Phil [Candelaria], who’s in charge of Pony Productions, invited us. He told us all about it and told us that we have the chance to play at South by So What, and we said, “Let’s do it.” We’re really grateful, and to get that level of exposure would be huge. - What's up

"Reviews - Avindale lost in a Place Some Call Home"

Originally 2004 Atari of Equal Vision, which was led by Codeseven artists and Kaddisfly, it is the sound of a scene that evolved what the band sounded like Ever We Fall is but a translation no doubt, The Deer Hunter and Circa Survive later , band who took in the Atmospheric factor in further spacey is one after another appeared, post hard core came to an A New aspects. Initial in Thrice also was a metallic screamo, the late completely new also shifted go storage and to the sound of this scene, but never a sound comes to chart higher, and rooted securely around a core listeners to have.
They were founded in 2007 Texas, also is one of the bands that have represents a conspicuously and distinguished himself at the scene. After the announcement the 1st EP "Cycles" in 2011, Dance Gavin Dance, A Lot Like Birds, piled the band and tour such as Balance and Composure, and release Now his in 2013 the "Lost in a Some Call Home" at home. Then Alice In Chains and Jane's Addiction to the head liner ROCKSTAR ENERGY DRINK sponsored UPROAR FES at Circa Survive, etc. to play with Coheed And Cambria, to fulfill finally Japan debut in that started attracting attention at home.
Over From Indian Lakes of Dryw Owens belonging to the Triple Crown of Alternative sound that was produced, delicate guitar phrases like the glasswork dances "Summer Meets Winter", the late enough to speechless using the arpeggio is bewitching such part was waiting "Blind Man's Mirror", was born in the timeless play a despair emptiness even feel "Her Piano". In addition was announced after the work now release there, ephemeral beautiful "Azure", the ambient and has both a progression "Not Even Gold" also two new songs that this domestic record has been recorded.
After work now release also tours and Euro tour with Jonny Craig and Bleach Blonde decision. HVRD, it's talent of attention by far in this neighborhood along with the Idle Hands. - Alternative Press (Japan)

"Avindale To Release Second Single, ‘Lost And Found’, off Forthcoming Time Frames EP"

Avindale gears up to release their new single, ‘Lost and Found’, June 11th, 2016. The track follows up previous single ‘Where The Light Shines Most’, and will be featured on their forthcoming EP, Time Frames, due for release June 17th, 2016. Avindale developed in the southwest region of El Paso, Texas. Their brand of alternative-pop blends spacey grooves with dreamy synths, haunting beats and distinct melodies which may cross boundaries and genres. Influenced by a variety of music styles, such as alternative Indie, rock, jazz, R&B, electronic, pop and more. A mixture that can be heard clearly as one dives into the sound produced by the trio. - Take a Shot

"Avindale – Lost and Found"

Arriving from El Paso, Avindale is a Texan trio whose synth-rock sound defies expectations of their place of origin. With influences like Coldplay and M83, the three-piece, Oscar (vocals / keys), Gary (bass) and Matt (drums) have carved out their own indie pop sound consisting of dreamy synthscapes and distinct melodies. They independently released their second EP, Time Frames earlier this month — so listen to their single “Lost And Found” and then go support the new EP if you feel as windswept by their music as we do - Poetry in an Empty Coke Can


By Tina Roumeliotis

El Paso, TX alt-pop trio, Avindale, specialize in dreamy synths, haunting beats and lyrical content that hits anyone with a sensitive heart right in the feels. The band just released their second EP, Time Frames, last month and with tracks like these, who needs therapy?

Opening track, “Turn The Other Way,” felt like it was written for me as themes of anxiety and fear come into play with lyrics like, “Living in a constant state of fear / Will you ever find peace in this world,” and, “Endless pain and worry eating at your soul / Do you find relief when you turn the other way / Waking up again to face your burdens every day.” Dark, haunting yet oddly enough, uplifting, as it sirs you from your fear slumber, this track wakes you up in search of a better way of life.

Buzz track, “Lost and Found” is an ode to those blessings in the form of people while we question if we really deserve them while “Are You There” sounds like a plea to a higher power when you’re not entirely sure if anyone is listening. This EP couldn’t have come at a better time for me.

“Future Lives” continues on the higher power notion with a gorgeous 80’s-inspired synth backdrop as we’re reminded of that one thing that can fill that void while closing track, “Where The Light Shines Most,” explores the trials of a failing relationship as the other person pulls away while another questions how to fix it all before it really ends - The Daily Listening

"Artist Of The Month"

By Will Medina

July’s artist of the month’s goes to Latino indie band Avindale!
Can you believe were half way through 2016? There has been some really amazing artist of the month’s so far. July artist of the month does not disappoint! This month’s AOTM goes to indie Latino band Avindale. I recently discovered this band out of the blue and I have been hooked on their music ever since. Where the Light Shines Most was the first song I heard and I have been obsessed with not only that song but their entire new EP

Avindale recently released their new EP titled Time Frames back in June. This is their first release in over two years and you can really hear the growth in their music. The shift to dreamy synths is very apparent throughout the entire EP and that has listeners tuned in from start to finish. Their single Where the Light Shines Most has almost 40,000 streams on Spotify. As Avindale’s continues to win fans over and impress listeners, they have a very promising future. I highly suggest taking a listen to their new EP Time Frames and you’ll understand why I think this band out of El Paso is on the verge of something great. Also, if Avindale happens to be in a city near you I highly suggest checking them out live! - VERY VINYL


"Lost In A Place Some Call Home" - 2013

"Azure" and "Not Even Gold" singles - 2014

"Dreamer" single - 2015

""Where The Light Shines Most", single - 2016 

"Time Frames" EP - 2016

All tracks are available for streaming on spotify and bandcamp, and for purchase on iTunes, Amazon, BIg Cartel, and bandcamp.
Their  EP "Lost In A Place Some Call Home" was streamed on KA radio Scotland on August 2013, was re -  released as a 10 song album including the tracks "Azure" and "Not Even Gold" in Japan through Cars and Calories records.

The video for the single "Azure" was featured on Texas Monthly, and their newest single "Dreamer" was featured on the popular blog "Indie Shuffle".

Their newest single "Where The Light Shines Most" is a courageous move into a more evolved, yet still catchy sound to be more broad and open to all audiences.

Their "Time Frames" EP opens a new range of sounds the band explores, and appeals to diverse audiences. 



Avindale developed in the southwest region of El Paso, Texas. Their brand of alternative-pop blends spacey grooves with dreamy synths, haunting beats and distinct melodies which may cross boundaries and genres. Influenced by a variety of music styles, such as alternative Indie, rock, jazz, R&B, electronic, pop and more. A mixture that can be heard clearly as one dives into the sound produced by the trio.

Band Members