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Albany, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Albany, New York, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Rock Progressive




"Gabe Stallman"

“Gabe Stallman is the Writer, Producer, and Guitarist, along with playing occasional other instruments for Ampevene. The Ampevene Ensemble plays all of the music live and currently features Ava Smith on keys, Bob Morris on drums, and Nick Kozak on bass. The second EP titled Ampevene ll (2015) by Gabe Stallman (from Albany, New York) is indeed a great avant-prog..” - Svetoino

"Live Music"

“Led by guitarist Gabe Stallman, Nippertown prog-rockers Ampevene have been making quite a name for themselves, and they showed why with their recent show at Albany’s Hollow Bar + Kitchen in Albany.” - Tim Reidy, Nippertown

"Moon Hooch"

“Opening [for Moon Hooch] was Ampevene, a new local act from Albany who are slowly gaining ground with their progressive rock with a hint of open ended jamming. The young band are not to be missed and will be back at The Hollow next month.” - Upstate Live

"Modern Prog"

“An example of that modern, contemporary prog at its best: Gabe Stallman's Ampevene EP (name your prIce)” - Svetonio

"Intern returns as producer"

Today I walked into Studio One to find our studio engineer, Bret Portzer working with former intern, Gabe Stallman. I soon realized Gabe was not here to just hang, but was here to work, as a producer! He came in earlier this week with a 25 minute track, with the first 7 minutes as more of a ‘song’ and leaving the remaining minutes as more of a ‘jam session’.
Gabe came in as a local community college graduate, who was enrolled in the first engineering class. He came up with this recording as part of a new project he’s been working on, with the band name of “Ampevave”. The group consists of a few key instruments that create this beautiful instrumental piece, including bass, guitar, drums, keys, and (my favorite part) the saxophone.
I had a chance to ask Gabe why he created such a long winded piece, to which he responded “why not?”.
I came to the conclusion that he’s right, why limit a track to the traditional 3-4 minutes? Why not keep a good piece going for as long as you feel necessary. In this day and age, where music seems so calculated, it’s refreshing to see a young artist going against the grain. - White Lake Music


"Ampevene, a funky quartet of young, talented, musicians recently turned it up and turned it on at The Hollow Bar + Kitchen More often that not, opening acts wind up as a bit of an afterthought, overshadowed by the main event and uninspiring for a crowds. Ampevene, on the other hand, settled in quite quickly and had our heads nodding and feet shuffling in content within minutes. They found their groove and soon enough they had a full house. Definitely some local talent to keep an eye on." - Chris Cleary - All In Time Photography

"Ampevene From A Fan"

"This is some fine, well-aged stank cheese. In the good way, the stank cheese people pay good money for. The nice and sharp kind that can be eaten with some keebler brand club crackers. The kind that's like 'Oh dang that cheese is sharp enough to carve stone, that's some stank cheese, man' " - John Hogan, Fan


Still working on that hot first release.



Ampevene started as a project for guitarist Gabe Stallman to turn all of the noise in his head into something he could show his friends. After ending a tenure with local pop band Sympathy for Achilles, Gabe worked on creating the kind of music he liked to listen to. Blending styles from his favorite bands: Mars Volta, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pink Floyd, Primus, and Tool, he found the perfect mix of Jam, Funk, and Confusion to keep him happy. He entered the studio with bassist Grant Horner, and drummer John Neville to record, playing both guitar and keys himself. Once the EP ( ) was finished it seemed worth taking further, turning what was at first simply a solo project for fun, into a full band commitment. Gabe eventually assembled Mack Hogan, Bob Morris, and Ava Smith to fill out the live band. Ampevene has since been growing a following by touring and sharing stages with national acts such as Moon Hooch, Consider The Source, and Aqueous. 

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