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Brooklyn, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | INDIE

Brooklyn, New York, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2010
Band Alternative Rock




"American Darlings release Rubber Tracks EP + play Pianos on 12.09"

American Darlings release "Rubber Tracks" EP + play Pianos on 12.09

Brooklyn four piece American Darlings latest EP release is entitled “Rubber Tracks” like the Converse sponsored studio in East Williamsburg. Single “You And I” (streaming) comes off as an intentionally perky-pop track that points towards early Elvis Costello and perhaps even The Smithereens as songwriting inspiration. The inclusion of pitch bended guitars hooks between verses, however, suggests something else. Has yet another sub-genre been established – “happy-gaze?” Extended bars of sinewy single note guitar riffs take things into further pleasing directions. “Time For Two” continues this thematic direction, confirming the gaze scene’s increasingly de rigueur Sonic Youth/MBV guitar hybrid. Vocals are delivered blending softer REM-like vibrato on the verses against a big shouted Foo Fighters-style chorus. Third song “Kimchee Princess” is a live track from one of their shows, showing what the band can do outside the controlled studio environment. The band will play next at Pianos on December 9. - By Dave Cromwell - The Deli Magazine

"INTERVIEW: American Darlings"

From singer/guitarist/songwriter Jason Maksymilian

Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Pretty good thanks for asking. Staying busy with with CMJ this week…

Can you tell us more about the story behind your track ¨You and I¨?

When selected by Converse to record at Rubber Tracks Studio, we didn’t have the songs yet, so we kind of formed “You and I” with Rubber Tracks in mind; we wanted to create a very direct, short but simple, big sounding, 90s alt-rock song. The hook that I kept humming in my head while walking around Bushwick was that guitar riff in the intro and the verse melody. I started playing it at the next practice and it just fell into place from there. We kept the melodies and structures very basic and to the point. The lyrics come from a very personal and direct place as well for both “You and I” and “Time For Two”.

The single comes off your new record Rubber Tracks – why naming the album after the studio?

We couldn’t resist! It just seemed like the right thing to do as so many albums were named after the places they were recorded or written (Sonic Youth “Murray Street”, The Beatles “Abbey Road”, The Band “Music From The Big Pink”, Grizzly Bear “Yellow House” to name a few). Originally, we planned on including those two songs as a larger full length but figured it would be better to isolate them since they were the only two recorded at Rubber Tracks Studio. We toyed with the idea of putting out a split EP with another band, maybe another band who recorded at Rubber Tracks Studio but ended up just deciding to put it out as is, after mixing and mastering had been done for a couple months.

How was the recording and writing process?

Super quick! Once we had the two songs, we figured those would be more than enough and perfectly ambitious to complete in the single day allotted to us. So we rehearsed the songs a bunch, even banged out a couple demo versions on my 4-track. By the time the day came to record at Rubber Tracks Studio, we tracked everything, overdubbed vocals and guitars and even went home with rough mixes after the 9 hour day. Jason Finkel is a monster behind the mixing board :)

Why from all the studios you guys decided to record at this studio?

It was more like they decided rather than us deciding! The way it worked is we submitted demos to Converse and they picked us regionally, to record at one of their studios closest to us. There are other Converse Rubber Tracks Studios in other parts of the US and even in other countries. They recently had a similar offer to record at Abbey Road. Imagine recording there?!?

Where did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

The songs come from a very personal and direct place in my mind. Both songs can relate to any two people in a relationship, themes of longevity and a yearning to just leave everything in the day to day chaos of life and run off together.

Any plans to hit the road?

Yeh speaking of running off (ha!)…we’re reshuffling our schedules currently, just found a new drummer Sam, and are in the middle of recording new material to be completed by the end of this year! Then in time for releasing those songs next Spring, we’d like to hit a few cities down South and a few closer to our Brooklyn home. We keep everything very up-to-date on all our social media outlets so you won’t miss us!

What else is happening next in American Darlings´ world?

Other than the Rubber Tracks tunes still buzzing, seeing plenty of bands this week as CMJ progresses, and writing lots of new material, we’re putting together a video for “You and I” that should be out soon! - VENTS Magazine

"Download This: "Let It Ride" by American Darlings"

New song by Brooklyn darlings, American Darlings; "Let It Ride" for free download exclusively for CMJ week! -Johnny Chiba - CMJ

"Put Your Records On: American Darlings"

At The Great Record Chase we strive to get inside the heads of prominent new artists, and what makes their musical nerves tick. Over the course of several months we have been putting together a project in which a selection of new artists on our radar have put together an editorial. This consists of musical influences that formed, shaped, and brought to life their sound. There has been an impressive amount of new talent that has come our way since starting this website back in the Fall, and we want to take everything to a whole new level.

Today we sit down with Jason Maksymilian, frontman of New York based American Darlings; a psych-rock dream. Currently their latest EP, Rubber Tracks, has been making waves. Stellar for Summer? You bet!

Dive in!

Name three albums or artists that influenced your musical styling you play today and why they are important to you.

Jason Maksymilian: Three albums that initially come to mind are You’re Living All Over Me by Dinosaur Jr for it’s raw in-your-face guitar sound, You Made Me Realize by My Bloody Valentine for it’s sonic gritty textures combined with ethereal lush vocal melodies and A Hard Day’s Night for being my first “textbook” on how to write a song; songwriting 101.
What made them so influential to you?

Jason: All of those albums really showed me different ways to write songs and play guitar at different times in my life.

When did you first discover them? How did they help form the music you play today?

Jason: I heard A Hard Days Night when I was maybe 6 or 7. My Dad would play mixed tapes of music from the 60s on road trips and that album stood out in my mind-so catchy and memorable. It was also the first guitar chord/music transcription book I got while learning how to play. You’re Living All Over Me and You Made Me Realize came later on. J Mascis taught me new ways to solo while Kevin Shields (ironically) showed me how to sing delicately and made no apologies when using the tremolo bar on a Fender Jazzmaster. - The Great Record Chase

"New Song Alert: Time For Two by American Darlings (Premiere)"

We’ve got another great premiere to share with you today, this time it’s a song called Time For Two from indie rock fuzz-pop band American Darlings.

The single is off their critically acclaimed release, Rubber Tracks, released April 15th, which was recorded at Converse Rubber Tracks Studios in Brooklyn. Rubber Tracks was a Record Store Day 2015 Exclusive at Rough Trade Records in Brooklyn. American Darlings have been providing fuzzy guitars and catchy melodies since the fall of 2010.

Time For Two is worth a second, third, and fourth listen. A little retro paired with a modern sound, Time For Two will get you movin’! Looking forward to what’s next for these guys. - IndieMinded: The Indie Scene and Beyond

"Jack's Top 40"

American Darlings Rubber Tracks EP (Flexidisc/Digital)
When our Neal Agneta favorably compares a Bushwick trio's LP to mid-'90s Superdrag–citing "similar bedroom power-pop and shoegazy guitar tricks" besides–his editor takes notice! Indeed, 2013's first LP With Love, In Retrospect showcased their pairing of frontman Jason Maksymilian's sugar-pop melodies with a blasting 90's indie rock ethic. Now a quartet (with new bassist Jon Levine and guitarist/keyboardist Tommy Cormier), their shorter follow-up is better still, with strident, unapologetic "singalong-please" hooks and a big, joyous, guitar damage somewhere in cahoots with Superdrag, Smithereens, Buffalo Tom, Material Issue, Sugar and MBV. Whether "You and I", "Time For Two" or a wilder live update (from Manhattan's Arlene's Grocery) of their 2010 debut single, "Kimchee Princess", these boys bring it with boisterous, blaring, infectious enthusiasm –– on baby blue flexi to boot! ( -Jack Rabid, Editor in Chief, Founder-The Big Takeover Magazine - The Big Takeover Magazine

"The Next American Darlings Are Here!"

The American Darlings have hit the ground running with their single “You and I”. American Darlings harken back to the sound of the late ’60’s to ’70’s. With this single you can hear bands with that particular sound coming through….early Beatles and other similar bands. Give a listen to “You and I” through SoundCloud I think you will have fun with it – Richard - ComicPop

"Summer/Fall Roundup! Music for your ear-brain-heart mechanism to digest."

Hey everyone, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! It's been a strange couple of weeks for me, but I've managed to have some Halloween fun, watch my beloved Red Sox win the World Series, and possibly have secured a new job. Needless to say, I've been swamped with shit to do, and really haven't been able to get around to writing about everything that has been sent my way. Unfortunately, some things slip through the cracks. Here are some albums that came out over the last couple of months that deserve a listen. It's an eclectic group of mostly friends/local artists, and there ought to be something for everyone in here somewhere....

American Darlings - With Love, In Retrospect

When I first saw these guys, at Legion, like, in the spring... I thought they were a super loud, indie guitar death, kinda overpowering huge Jazzmaster squeal tsunami wave murder squad. But I guess that's just how bands come off in loud small rooms, after everyone has had a couple. On With Love, In Retrospect you can tell that these guys really put songwriting first, and it's almost surprising how poppy they really are. American Darlings are that mix of catchiness, rawness, attitude and sweetness that really makes indie rock special. "No Clue" is the opening track on the album, and is one of the strongest tracks, right off the bat. - Hearts Bleed Radio

"Scene and Hear: Lil Daggers, Herzog Rising and American Darlings at Legion Bar"

On Friday, August 2nd, Miami's Lil Daggers performed at Legion Bar with Brooklyn bands Herzog Rising and American Darlings. Lil Daggers' upcoming EP is called "No Pizza No Peace," a sentiment we can get behind. -Emily Cheng; Aug 9th 2013 - IMPOSE Magazine

"American Darlings treat you With Love In Retrospect"

The Brooklyn band American Darlings have been burning up the scene since 2010 and have just released their first full-length album With Love In Retrospect. The power trio of frontman and guitarist Jason Maksymilian, drummer Daniel Vincent, bassist and keyboardist John Alexander, and recent addition Jon Levine (of The Planes) make a strong unit producing a smooth memorable rock sound that is sure to produce some hum-a-long moments.

American Darlings, The Whatever blog showcase, Legion Bar, Northside Festival Weekend, Brooklyn, NY 6/15/13 Photo: Dean Keim

“No Clue” kicks things straight off with an infectious party melody of “Let’s light up another one” and a cymbal-heavy drum charge, it cuts right through your soul and heads straight down to your tapping feet. A cool alien sound flows you right into the next song “Adela,” with a nice 60’s organ sound that mixes in with a Sonic Youth guitar noise edge, easily makes it one of my favorite tracks off the album. Once again, there is a nice windy sound flow into the next song “Care In The World” that has a nice slow build up, a sing-a-long twang with a Soul Asylum harmony (which is really not a bad thing here), a sweet rim-shot drum march, and overall makes you feel as though everything will truly all be alright. At first, I wasn’t to hot about “45,” but it does have the harmonic melancholy feel that is reminiscent of Nada Surf, a sound that really chime harmonically better on the next track “Cerulean Blue” which just seems to carry more weight, flirts with the senses, and with a warm axe fuzz noise makes it feel like that one perfect song for your next love song mix tape.

“Round And Round” could also be the best album song overall as it really reminds me of the sadly often-overlooked band Superdrag with that raw drawn out vocal style and really gets good and surreal towards the end with a hearty soundscape experiment that once again sets apart from other pop rock sounds, but still effectively sails you right into the next song in that ethereal Pink Floyd way. “Flood” has a very cool edgy rolling Dinosaur Jr.-type slither mixed with a more clearer Weezer-like vocal that really comes together surprisingly well. The closing song “Heteroclite” reaches for more lofty and prog rock heights, as it is a longer track, has lots of tricky harmony and rhythm time changes, and mixes numerous influences effortlessly, like a Stone Roses or Jesus and Mary Chain harmony mixed with a Foo Fighters melody and a Pavement sonic charge along with an experimental Floydian sound-bender ending which does give it a serious artsy gravitas.

Overall, you are left with a pretty smooth straight-ahead rock album that has great harmonies and variation of influence. There is also moments of earnest experimentation and a raw brooding power which sets it apart from the bland crowd of pop-punk and alt-whatever rock bands, and generally reminds me of the hayday of 90’s rock, which really is not a bad thing, as all things deserve a revival, especially when it comes together in a creative new package. Get the full album on iTunes here or stream/buy it and their other albums on their bandcamp here.

-Dean Keim - The Dean's List

"(Summer 2011 Deli Mag cover) AMERICAN DARLINGS-Sweet like pop rocks.."

American Darlings
Sweet like pop rocks
by Meijin Bruttomesso

American Darlings sound as sweet as their name. The Brooklyn based trio, comprised of &nbspJason Maksymilian (guitars, vocals), John Alexander (bass), and Daniel Vincent (drums), produce delightful garage rock that can be found on their two EP’s, aptly titled “American Darlings EP” and “American Darlings Second EP.” On their first, “Kimchee Princess” radiates feel-good vibes with cheerful modulations, while “Bender” is a waltzing love song, and “Divide” channels a grungier edge. “Million” begins American Darlings’ second EP with a weighty guitar jam which transitions quickly to a coasting jingle. “Stella’s” happy-go-lucky hi-hat ticks and romantic choruses change directions with the tenser and more somber melodies of EP-ender, “Replace.” American Darlings demonstrate that upbeat has many dimensions.

How did the band come together?
Jason: The three of us were playing in other bands at the time we started American Darlings. I responded to a craigslist ad Dan posted, and then asked John to play bass.
John: Jason and I knew each other through other bands we were playing with at the time. After a show he gave me a demo of songs he was working on with Dan and I liked it. And that is that.

What makes you “American Darlings”?
Jason: Everything but J. Lo and Nicole Kidman.
John: I ordered a beer by that name (by Pretty Things Brewery in Cambridge, Massachusetts) from a bar on the lower east side and thought it would be an awesome band name. I still think it is.

Where and with whom would you most like to tour?
Jason: Would like to setup an East Coast tour, hitting up Chapel Hill, Athens, Knoxville, then work our way back to Brooklyn. In my time machine, we'd play with bands like Sebadoh, Superdrag, Dinosaur Jr, Pinkerton era Weezer. Because we don't have time machines, playing with bands like Yuck, Deerhunter, or other local Brooklynites, Pains of Being Pure at Heart would be fun.
John: Ideally? I saw a poster recently for Sleep and Dinosaur Jr. on consecutive nights, and decided that would be a totally kickass double-headliner to open for...?I really want to tour the south, so if there's any cool bands who kinda sound like us down that way reading this, let us know.

How do your two EP’s compare? Where do you see the third one going, or will it be a full record?
John: I don't really know that they are that different. Eventually I could see them and a few newer songs being compiled into a full-length. I haven't thought much about it.
Jason: Ditto. All that plus a limited release on cassette or phonograph wax cylinder.

If your music was the soundtrack for a film, what kind of film would it be?
Jason: A psychological thriller like “Vanilla Sky” or any Kevin Smith movie (“Clerks,” “Mallrats,” “Dogma”)
John: Luxury car commercials. Particularly "Divide" and "Replace".

What upcoming American Darlings events and news are you most excited about?
John: We just put together a new song, tentatively titled "Adela." Im pretty excited about debuting that live.
Jason: I'm pretty excited about playing on a boat with unlimited guacamole for Guac Rock 2011 on July 18th. Loud music, together with nachos and guacamole on a boat around Manhattan seems pretty surreal to me. - The Deli NYC Magazine


May Artist of the Month and #201 on the Top 300 Chart - The Deli Magazine

"GUAC ROCK 2011 with American Darlings"

Last summer, we introduced an event that rocked several faces, the East River, and the Statue of Liberty. Well since about the minute we got on the boat, we knew we were bringing it back. So we’ve decided to step it up many many steps up the ladder.

We got the very amazing So So Glos to headline. We have the very special and recently named Deli Magazine band of the Month American Darlings as our opening act. Right in the middle there, we have a surprise superstar act that we’re going to announce in a little bit.

We talked about the music. Let’s move on to the guacamole. We’re bringing in the winners from Guactacular. They’re reprising their delicious guacamoles from May and and adding on that another delicious guac. And we wanted a pro, too. So we contacted and wooed Richard Sloven. If you don’t know him, you will. He just moved from San Francisco, where he was the mastermind behind Guerilla Guac (now known as Gorilla Guac), a pop-up guac stand.

What else?:
And, we have extra special great news! Espolón Tequila has joined the Guac Rock excitement. Thanks to their generosity, we’re able to offer complimentary Espolón Tequila drinks from 8-9pm. Lastly, we have a heart and we hope it shows. 10% of every ticket will be donated to the Food Bank For New York City. - NachosNY


The American Darlings sound is steeped in fuzzed out bass lines, loose-yourself chord progressions, and vocals akin to J. Mascis when he's not whining. Recently named "Artist of the Month" for May of 2011 by Brooklyn-based indie taste-making mag The Deli, American Darlings is setting the stage for a national take-over. -


February 2012 – American Darlings (Willie Cry Records)

April 2011 – American Darlings Second EP (cassette self-release)

July 2010 – American Darlings First EP (cassette self-release)



New York based AMERICAN DARLINGS have been creating quite a stir on the
local scene. Playing much talked about shows around the city, the group
has just launched their latest single, “You & I.”
The single is off their critically acclaimed release, Rubber Tracks,
released April 2015, which was recorded at Converse Rubber Tracks
Studios in Brooklyn, New York. Rubber Tracks, was a Record Store Day
2015 Exclusive at Rough Trade.

American Darlings have been providing fuzzy guitars and catchy melodies
since the Fall of 2010. Calling Bushwick, Brooklyn their home, American
Darlings have played CMJ and CBGB festivals respectively. Independently
the band has put out two EPs, and two LPs, including With Love in
Retrospect (Willie Cry Records), recorded in upstate New York.

American Darlings have been on national radio, NYC Q104.3, as well as
local college radio. They have been praised by The Deli Magazine (in
which they were named Artist Of The Month). With consistent buzz from
indie music blogs like Culture Collide, Impose, Epitonic, they have also
been featured nationally in The Big Takeover magazine. Four words to
describe these four fabulous darlings are infectious, melodic, catchy
and loud.

American Darlings are Jason Maksymilian, Tommy Cormier,
Sam Raim and Garrett Weinholtz.

Band Members