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Akeylah Simone

Suffolk, Virginia, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2021

Suffolk, Virginia, United States
Established on Jan, 2021
Band Pop Soul




"Akeylah Simone Flaunts Her Sultry Vocals in Moving Debut Single, ‘Uncertainty’"

Every so often, you discover a song that moves you in a way that you struggle to put into words. Akeylah Simone delivers a stirring vocal performance in her new song ‘Uncertain’ which speaks of a relatable journey towards her destiny. Her vocal and musical sound is reminiscent of Adele; perhaps a lofty comparison, but one that Akeylah’s breathtaking talent lives up to.

‘Uncertainty’ is divided into three sections; the first section describes the fear, doubt and frustration that accompanies venturing out towards a goal. The second verse details the struggles that surround us as we navigate our desires. Then, finally, in the third verse, the bold decision is made to take steps towards destiny. However, one resounding theme underlines the entire song, which is the Uncertainty.

This song came naturally to Akeylah, taking only 24 hours to pen. However, 7 years passed between writing the song and releasing it. When describing the songwriting process, Akeylah says that “this was an extremely personal song which is why I hung onto it for so long but as more and more people hear it, I’m starting to learn this isn’t just my journey. This song is about life. This song is about everyone’s journey.”

Akeylah Simone is a groundbreaking artist from Virginia. While she has sang and performed for years, songwriting has only recently become her primary focus and she feels ready to share her original music with the world. Raised by two musicians, music has always been a big part of Akeylah’s life. She always knew she would be a performer and that she would pursue a life on stage.

“This song is about life. This song is about everyone’s journey.”

— Akeylah Simone

Music has always been Akeylah’s outlet for dealing with stress and anxiety. This inspired her “Therapy Sessions” initiative which consisted of hours of creating, singing, and sharing her best moments with her family and friends through social media. This developed into recording her debut single, ‘Uncertainty’.

We keenly anticipate future releases from the dynamic songstress and predict that this is the beginning of a flourishing career. - Music Insider Global

"Soul/R&B Singer Akeylah Simone Celebrates the Season in Her Latest Video “Summer Breeze”"

Newport News, VA, based Akeylah Simone is a dynamic musical talent who has been building momentum as a singer, songwriter, and recording artist. Inspired by the season and her longtime partner and husband, Akeylah’s new song and video “Summer Breeze ” showcase her smooth and soulful artistry.

“Summer Breeze is just one of those songs that hit me when I was feeling real good,” recalls Akeylah. “This was the most fun track I’ve written, and the entire process felt so good. From writing, composing, recording and producing. And the music video was even more fun!”

Growing up, Akeylah gravitated quickly towards music, starting with her first talent competition in elementary school. Raised by musicians, she developed a passion for exploring and experimenting with music. She knew that someday she would be a performer and that destiny would lead to a life on stage. A major influence on Akeylah since day one is her father, Bobby BlackHat, a Virginia Blues Legend, who Akeylah has worked alongside throughout her budding career.

Bobby is featured in the song on harp, along with a supporting cast of musicians that stepped in to give the new song it’s depth. Akeylah’s engineer, Johnny Terrell, handled the lead guitar and bass, Chris Jernigan on the drums and Jamie Lewis on the keys and organ.

Stay tuned for more new music and videos coming soon from Akeylah. - Chris Demartino

"World Premiere Video: Akeylah Simone says "Black is Beautiful""

(April 9, 2021) In her song “Black Is Beautiful, Letter to My Country,” Akeylah Simone asks her countrymen and women a question that many Black people have posed at one time on their lives: “If you didn’t see me, could you actually see me?” In other words, could society see her worth if they didn’t know or care that she was Black? It’s the persistent question that arises nearly 60 years after the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. uttered the aspirational words about people being judged by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin.

Despite 58 years of having King’s dream weaponized by people who wish to dismiss the lived experience of Black people, skin color persistently trumps (pun fully intended) character in large and small ways. This lovely and poignant ballad that merges piano, keyboard, cello and voice finds Simone using her powerful instrument to pose a number of questions that are rhetorical, hypothetical and probing. “If it were only my mind would you be fair/could you pretend to be unaware/that you’re still not sure that my Black is beautiful.”

Simone is not calling for color-blindness but is demanding that she and all Black Americans be seen wholly without having to compromise or make themselves appear less threatening. Simone wrote the song after getting a chance to create a work for a local creative arts contest. Simone wrote at a time when Covid and the social justice protest in the wake of the George Floyd killing revealed the systemic inequalities in the American justice and health care systems.

“Thinking back on my experience as a Black woman in America, a series of questions spilled out. The big question basically is, if my skin color were not a factor, if people did not have the option to judge me by my skin color, would my experience in America be the same?”

Simone’s songwriting and vocals reveal she is someone who brings a great deal of polish to the game that comes from spending her life around music and musicians. Both of her parents are musicians and her father, Bobby BlackHat, is a legendary Virginia based blues singer. Check out the World Premiere of “Black is Beautiful, Letter to My Country” here. - Howard Dukes, SoulTracks


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Akeylah Simone, from Hampton Roads, VA is just getting her feet wet as a singer, songwriter, and now recording artist. In just her first year of releasing original music, she’s landed 2 songs on the 2021 Grammy Ballot and voted Encore’s 2021 Best Solo Artist. She’s also had numerous nominations across various publications including Best New Artist (Soul Tracks Reader’s Choice Awards,) and Song of the Year & Best R&B/ Soul (Veer Awards.) While she has been singing and performing since her first time on stage at an elementary school talent contest, and frequenting many stages with her dad, Bobby Blackhat, over the past 15 years… she has spent this past year focusing on performing her own original music all over including festivals, award shows, clubs and private events. 


Her love for music is deeply rooted in her upbringing.  Raised by two musicians, Akeylah, developed a passion for singing and music exploration early on.  She always knew she would be a performer and that she would pursue a life on stage. She was so certain by age 7, she was practicing her Bruce Hornsby set in her room every night--just to be ready. She is sure to get up on stage with her dad, Bobby Blackhat as often possible. She has also been featured on a few of his albums singing back-up vocals, solos and even her own cover of “Fever” with her younger sister.


Music has always been her outlet for dealing with all things “life,”  and that inspired her to create a series of “Therapy Sessions.”  These consisted of hours of creating, singing, and sharing her best moments with her family and friends through social media. The feedback and encouragement motivated Akeylah to revisit some of her original work.  She has now released her seventh single and a five song, self titled EP. She has opened up her personal journey to the world and her vocals will surely let you know where she’s headed.

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