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Daytona Beach, Florida, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | INDIE

Daytona Beach, Florida, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2016
Solo Hip Hop Singer/Songwriter



The best kept secret in music


"chit chat with AK500, Next Up Out Of Central Floridaorida"

LMCC - Who Is AK500?

AK500 - AK500 is a real solid guy, a loving father, son, and all around good hearted person.. I'm the nigga that niggas wannabe like and imitate. I'm an artist,promoter, and CEO of my independent record label (Trappas R Us Entertainment LLC).

LMCC - Where Did You Grow Up?

AK500 - I was born in New Smyrna Beach a small beach town 15 miles south of Daytona Beach..I grew up between both cities...My mom relocated there from Miami and met my dad (whose from Daytona) and eventually they had me. New Smyrna would be the place where I learned alot about the game, the streets, and people who lived that lifestyle. Daytona is where I took what I learned from NSB and perfected it. It is also the place that was instrumental in me really taking rap seriously.

LMCC - Who Were Your Musical Influences Growing Up?

AK500 - Growing up I loved Tupac, JayZ, Master P and No Limit, and you couldn't tell me that I wasn't a Cash Money Millionaire aka Hot Boy...Juvenile and B.G. were my 2 favorite coming out of that camp.Oh yea I can't forget about TDD. Shot out to Trick Daddy for being a big inspiration to a young nigga and paving the way for Florida.

LMCC - What Made You Want To Start Rapping?
AK500 - I listened to alot of different artists growing up as a child. I fell in love with music at a young age and decided early that I wanted to pursue it as a career and use it as an outlet to express myself. When I was maybe like 14 I started writing poetry and beatboxing at school and everywhere you know just coming up with freestyles and melodies and that eventually turned into me writing actual lyrics.I saw all the major rappers at that time doing their thing on BET and MTV and I just craved for that shit.I always wanted to entertain but become wealthy and famous for it.

LMCC - What Do You Think Sets You Aside From Other Artist?

AK500 - What sets me aside from other artists is my creativity and authenticity..You can hear the real, the honesty, the hunger, drive, and ambition in my music. Alot of the rappers out now don't write their own lyrics or havent done 90% of the shit they rap about. I mean don't get me wrong I understand that music is entertainment but with rap I just feel like you gotta be true with what your doing and with the message that your broadcasting to the fans and people that's listening and watching you. Jeezy, Gucci Mane, T.I. and so on became successful from trap music by being true to who they were and letting the real bleed thru their music. I make trap music but I'm not at all glorifying the game. I'm telling my stories and shedding light on things that may have got left in the dark. I owe people , (that are no longer here with me) this moment that I'm building to also tell their stories.I tell artists and producers all the time that we as entertainers have a platform and a voice, it's all about what you're do with it.

LMCC - Name Your Top 5 Fav Rappers... Must Be Currently Relevant
AK500 - Jay-Z, Gucci Mane, Lil Wayne, Jeezy,Future.. I know it may seem like a crazy list but all 5 of em put it dowm and paved the way for so many others in the game. Jay-Z is our first rap billionaire, Gucci and Jeezy brought trap music to the forefront and made a lane for artists such as myself to do what we do. Lil Wayne is clearly one of the most influential people in music. I mean just look at his work ethic which is amazing in itself plus he's responsible for giving us Nicki Minaj and Drake. Then there's Future whom is definitely deserving to be on the 5 most relevant list due to all he's done in such little time. He single handedly created a whole wave of his own. Nobody sounded like Future before he came out. I can't think of no one before him that makes the type of music he makes. His delivery, cadence, and different melodies are genius.

LMCC - What Is Your Creative Process Like?

AK500 - My creative process when I'm creating music is having a peace of mind. Any stress or drama definitely disrupts my creative process. I use to only be able to write music without listening to the beat and then It got to a point where I could only write lyrics if I was high but now i come up with different concepts all the time, shit just be coming to me. For example, I can be take a shower and ideas will just start coming to me so I'll try to remember what exactly I said and how I said it and record it before I forget it.

LMCC - What artist would you like to collaborate with in the future?
AK500 - Honestly speaking im ready to work with any and everyone who's true to what they're doing with music and keeping it solid with their fan base. But aside from that I'd love to collaborate with Rick Ross. It's no secret I've been a big fan of the big homie's music since the first Port of Miami. So to see what he's done since 06 is admirable. 10 albums in, bringing it all the way back to Port of Miami 2 is amazing. Ross is a real OG and I respect what he's done for the game so it's a must we get a AK500 feat. Rick Ross record somewhere in the future.

LMCC - If You Had To Choose Between True Love And Your Career Being Exactly Where You Wanted, What Would You Choose?
AK500 - My career is everything to me. Real love can wait. I've been wanting to rap and entertain long before I knew what real love was. So I'll definitely choose my career over love.

LMCC - If you could have an hour long conversation with anyone in the world, who would it be?
AK500 - If I could have an hour long conversation with anyone in the world It would definitely have to somebody rich. Rich in finances (cause a broke nigga can't tell me shit), mentally rich, and even spiritually rich.I can't come up with a name right off the back but it's gotta be someone with those things going for them, so I can soak up the game and wisdom that person had to share with me.

LMCC - What do you consider your biggest accomplishment thus far?

AK500 - I would say my biggest accomplishment with my music so far so early in the game would probably be running into random people in the streets and them telling me that they like my song or mixtape. Stuff like that makes me happy and keeps me motivated. I was once told if you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life again. I believe that. I love writing, recording, and performing. Giving people something to listen to that will motivate and inspire them really makes my day.

LMCC - Where do you see yourself In 5 Years?

AK500 - In 5 years, by the grace of God I'll have a few Billboard hits, platinum and gold plaques, amassed a significant amount of revenue to take care of my family and lastly make my contributions to hip hop and touch people with my message. I want to continue to grow my label and eventually sign some artists and get on my Cash Money and QC shit.

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"Bossy" - (Official Single)
Released May 2019

"9 Piece" - (Debut mixtape)
Released July 2019

"New Money" - (Official Single)
Released November 2019

"Rock Bottom" - (Official Single)
Released December 2019



Coming from the Daytona Beach, FL area AK 500 is a recording artist,songwriter, and head of his beloved camp (newly indie Florida label) Trappas R Us Entertainment. AK 500, released his debut single "Bossy" in May 2019 with great reviews. The single has been streamed and downloaded in many countries outside of the US as well as major and rural areas here in the US.
It became a regional radio hit staying consistent on the air for 6 months. He later in July of the same year dropped his debut mixtape "9 Piece" with a grand release party at PinUps of Daytona. The mixtape was released on DatPiff, YouTube, MyMixtapez, and Spinrilla with singles being included on all other major platforms. He is hard at work on his new mixtape entitled "500" with a new single "Rock Bottom" going live on platforms on Dec 3rd. AK 500 is in for a BIG year with upcoming perfomances, a national tour in the works, collaborations with other well known artists and brands, and as mentioned before a hot new mixtape on the way. Be on the lookout with what's next for AK 500 @ak500shine