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Washington DC, Washington DC, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | SELF | AFM

Washington DC, Washington DC, United States | SELF | AFM
Established on Jan, 2010
Solo Hip Hop Lo-fi





That is why we present you records that have captivated us from track number one to the last second so you can listen to them either on a road trip or in the office. This week we present you Azalea from Airøspace.

Originally from Alabama Ave and resident of Washington DC, Anthony Alexander Mathison II , better known as Airøspace , is an artist who has slowly established himself in the medium but has been guided by the stars. Since 2010 he has produced a commendable number of songs, highlighting a surprising narrative aspect, sharp lines full of emotion, introspection, self-criticism and an excellent melodic complement . Added to all this is his experience in other genres, such as metal, where his aggressive character has also given a certain edge to his particular style.

Azalea is a particular flash within the rapper's extensive catalog . The album's songs intertwine like a fluid fabric, each independently shimmering with ephemeral awesomeness, slices that leave their marks on one's psyche thanks to an empathic, human factor that draws the listener into its lyrics. One gets lost under the pain, frustration and catharsis provided by the verses (written almost as a stream of consciousness).

In the background, the musical part is mainly crowned by simple melodies and simple harmonic bases taken mainly from the lo-fi current . Like a mantra, piano chords, synthesizers and small percussions settle, allowing one to follow Mathison's voice, rising with its particular rhythm that lies on the edge of the spoken word , almost breaking with a cadence that hypnotizes and constantly pulls.

Airøspace , his rhyme goes beyond any conceit of the genre, more poetic than even he could imagine ; the way in which he weaves himself with the references of our modernity lacks the ego with which many poets try to approach a contemporary character (besides the fact that he achieves it better). If you want to break with the stereotypes that make up rap and greatly expand your imaginary related to the genre, my greatest recommendation would be to dive into Azalea and Mathison's discography to embark on a journey through his cosmos. - RUExMAG


Airospace has revived the old school reflective Jazz Hip Hop vibe once more with their 2019 album “Sorry to Bother You”.

While each of the nine tracks offers a sublimely restorative aural experience, there’s no better introduction than the title track. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more lucidly cathartic instrumental arrangements in contemporary Hip Hop. Yet, Airospace isn’t an artist who holds anything back their lyrics or the delivery. It’s pure vitriolic conviction which will compel you to hang off each and every word.

Even the humility in the title is enough to picque your interest. It isn’t exactly easily found within Hip Hop, yet, Airospace has an ample reserve of sweet humble expression. It was all to easy for us to warm to the album. Thanks to the smooth and polished production, we’re fairly certain that your reaction will be the same as ours. - A&R FACTORY

"Exclusive Playlist: Airøspace"

Airøspace is a US born hip-hop artist who elevates his raps into an outrageous experience drenched in sweat and tears. As a rapper who describes his audience as human robots, the sonic aesthetic he engineers into his tracks take the hip-hop genre into unforeseen and exciting new territories. His recent ‘Analogues’ tape is an expansive eight-track EP with an emphasis on instrumental appreciation. Utilizing twinkling piano and crashing 808s into insightful and studied compositions. Get ready to feel a lil’ bit nasty, and a bit lil’ gangster with his raw and expressive exclusive mixtape for KALTBLUT magazine.

About the mix
“Every song for me is a landmark – a way for me to keep track of my own progress as a person. These songs show some of the most pure forms of expression bathed in lyrics and warmed by the melodies of the music“ - KALTBLUT MAGAZINE

"Spotlight: Airøspace"

For the past 2 or 3 years one of my absolute FAVORITE artists has been an underground experimental artist named Airøspace.

This nibba right here:
Who Is Airøspace???

Airøspace(born Anthony Alexander Mathison )

Is a rapper who grew up in Lanham, MD and Southeast Washington, DC . Born from an adulterous marriage, and growing up in a home full of abuse his main outlet for escape was through music. Airøspace has gone through lots of trials and tribulations throughout his entire life and it shows through his music's distinct sound and themes.

What Does His Music Sound Like?

The most accurate way to describe Airøspace's music is : Imagining a barely functioning, clinically depressed Schizophrenic, who was given the wrong medication and was trapped in a studio for a week.

There's a plethora of different sounds that violently comes out, the personality of the music and the personality of the creator continuously battle each other for dominance while simultaneously trying to avoid each other so they can finally find peace.

He's got songs like :

"I Watched The Moon Fall Into The Sea"

Airospace - I Watched the Moon Fall into the Sea
A really dark, airy, concerning yet somewhat comforting and somber feeling weighs down on you While listening to this track. Theres Light trap instrumentation which somehow doesn't get overshadowed by the extremely darker overtone.

But then youve got tracks like:


Airøspace - Zenith (prod. Jimi Tran)
This is the polar opposite of the previous track. Airøspace sounds like he's sitting around at home, fustrated seeing so many rappers make it and he hasn't had his chance to shine yet, he just goes on a lyrical tirade with booming bass that compliments his agression while,but on the other hand, a soft piano plays during all the chaos and trys to slowly calm both of them down .

Finally, to show even more versatility in his music. He's got what I feel is one of his best songs:


Airospace – KUIPER'S BELT [Official Video] Dir. Claire Nguyen
In this track Airø is reminiscing over a Toxic relationship where neither party involved truly loved the other. The song has a very beautiful overtone, almost dream like, somehow it meshes perfectly with the depressing subject matter.

Why you Should Listen To Airøspace

Cause he's fuckin dope. But in a more detailed answer, Airø delivers something that's really needed in today's music. It's called:


Seldom do you find artist of ANY genre who work as hard and Create amazing quality content that never ceases to amaze me with how free and unconfined their artistry is.


Hitagi Tape Vol 3.

Don't let this cute anime girl cover fool you. This mixtape sounds like it was recorded inside a of a dungeon. It stands out as one of his most cohesive and most lyrically sound projects to date.

An album he dropped earlier this year (Also the background for this post)
A short, consice, 6 track lp with more of a trap flavoring over it, WITHOUT completely selling out and giving away all of what makes him who he is.


Have a great day y'all. Thx for your time - amino apps: Rap & Hip-Hop

"Airøspace: All Dreams End"

Wow. I tried thinking of an engaging opening sentence to make everyone realize how much I applaud this album, but I couldn’t, so…wow. Spoken word poet and emcee Airøspace gushes sentimental lines and emotive lyricism over various mellow instrumentals in what can only be called the most interesting album of 2015 so far. All Dreams End is a project that challenges the definition of a rap album (it’s really not, so let’s clear that up). Seldom does Airøspace actually spit on tempo over a looping instrumental. More often than not, the rapper/poet is provoking higher-level listening from the audience. Topics of domestic abuse, social injustice, violence, self-loathing and other dark corners of the mind are covered without little left out emotionally. There’s nothing held back on All Dreams End, and Airøspace’s Immortal Technique-like flow dominates the project. “Aurora Borealis” gave me chills, and it’s only the second track. For those heavy into lyricists, few come as close as Airøspace as far as newcomers are concerned. After a few listens, All Dreams End is quickly becoming one of my favorite releases as of late. - HIP HOP SPEAKEASY

"Airøspace - Horizon (prod. Emune)"

Washington D.C. newcomer Airøspace has been on his grind this year dropping loosie's like crazy. Here he celebrates the one year anniversary of Texas producer and Soundcloud famous Emune's Mudita beat tape as he goes ham on the wordplay. - OK THO

"DC rapper Airøspace combines trap and Marshall Mathers for a stunning performance"

The first thing that pops out in DC rapper Airøspace's music are the vocals; the listener knows exactly what the rapper is saying at all times. With this in mind, Airøspace tries to lyrically ramp up the intensity with each verse, his rising voice reaching towards a climax that doesn't always arrive. Lines like, "bloody sickle like a sinkhole in my chest i feel a little take my soul up out my ribs inject my thoughts into the fickle" set to the gloomy minor backing tracks gives the music a real Marshall Mathers sound.

In less skilled hands, songs like these could easily come across as overly maudlin. However, rather than being trite, Airøspace's tracks come across as wholly original, and some of the verses are really stunning.

Great production values makes this album a must listen. - DELI MAG


The Devil & His Mistresses (2010) 

Museum EP (2011) 

Black//White (2012) 

Senjogahara Hitagi 1 (2012) 

Invisible (2013) 

Senjogahara Hitagi 2 (2013) 

All Dreams End (2015) 

Senjogahara Hitagi 3 (2016)

Analogues (2016) 

Nøcturne (2017) 

Empty Colors (2017) 

DVLMN (2018) 

Hanekawa (2018) 

Oscillation (2018) 

Art of Problem Solving 1 (2019) 

Sorry To Bother You (2019) 

Senjogahara Hitagi 4 (2020) 

Azalea (2021) 

DECEPTION FALLS (EXOCIETY: Airospace, Rav, KillBill, Scuare) 


EXPIRE (2022)


Portrait of St. Patrick (2022)

Imaginary Friends [x Ben Beal] (2021)

The Green Scare [x Cartel Madras] (2021)

CINDERELLA 99 (2021)

Cosmic Void (2021)

EXOCIETY [Airospace, Rav, Scuare, KillBill] - EXP Share (2021)

Poltergeist [x KillBill] (2021)

Embrace (2021)

Sunshine Etrnl_We're Better As Friends (2020)

Making of a Black Hole (2020)

Charlie Brown (2020)

Anyway (2020)


Get You On My Mind (2020)

Burial (2020)

Family [x Airospace, Ben Beal, Matt Coole, The9 & Will Kobus] (2020)

 Need It out My Head [x LeeV] (2020)

Virginia Blues [x Shaka D. Cakes] (2020)

The Last Note (2019)

Absent (2019)

The Pleasure is All Mine (2019)

Taraji P. Henson (2019)

Sailor Moon (2019)

Bout It Like Dat [x Ajani Abstrakt, Deadeyed Black] (2019)

fair one [x Kill Bill, Rav] (2019)

W.A.D.H (2018)

Church! [x Shaka D. Cakes] (2018)

District of Diamonds (2018)

I'm Just Fine Today (2017)

CONTROL [x Mike Melinoe] (2017)

Smoke Break [x KillBill] (2017)

Majora [x KillBill] (2017)

I'm Just Fine Today (2017)

Do You (2016)

This Burden [x Camikaze] (2016)

Paranoia Agent (2014)



Airospace, is the multidimensional rapper, producer & drummer, who has been gaining international attention for the last 15 years. Born in SE DC, he brings an emotional honesty, which cathartically expresses the trauma and repression he is forced to relentlessly fight against. His vocal range, musicality and rhythm, star quality, work ethic, genuinity, originality and performance expertise are the recipe for true success. Airospace harmonizes genres that seem separate to the unknowing ear; hip-hop, metal hardcore, jazz, classical and more. Throughout his career he has seamlessly incorporated anime, film excerpts and actual recordings of his life through his music, which solidifies his art as living history and documentation of truth. Airospace is no stranger to the stage, with SXSW, AfroPunk and many more tours under his belt through a successful 15 year career. He is famous for crowd involvement and revival. Growth as an artist is an understatement for Airospace, who knows no bounds with any medium of art he pours into, most recently with Polaroid film cameras, where a commitment to authenticity is at the forefront of all he creates. Even after major accolades and recognition, such as Sprite, Vibe Magazine, and Complex Mag, Airospace maintains true to his voice, and to elevating his own sound with every new album or project. Airospace just completed a 30 city tour of spectacular, mostly sold-out shows through May 2022, leaving an unforgettable impression on every concert goer and listener. 2023 has much more in store on an international level, expanding upon the fanbase he has already amassed in places like Jamaica, Australia, the UK, Canada and Mexico.

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