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After the Millennials

Mission Viejo, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2019 | INDIE

Mission Viejo, California, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2019
Band Alternative Rock




"All in the Family"

Southern California’s Alt Indie Band, After the Millennials, is made up of 2 sets of twins.

After The Millennials is a U.S. band born and raised in Southern California. Although there have been many bands made up of siblings throughout the ages, this one is unique in the fact that there are two sets of twins. Because of this, After The Millennials focus on emphasizing harmony, both musically and relationally. They understand the importance of family and creating an environment that encourages yet challenges each family member to bring their very best to each composition. Their goal is to meet the listener where they are and to evoke emotion that resonates with each individual, while simultaneously welcoming them into a shared experience with the band.

The older set of twins, Seth and Sarah Crandall, play keyboard and bass, respectively. Seth started piano when he was eight, although his father wouldn’t agree to lessons until he could play by ear, thus encouraging a personalized interpretation of the source material. Sarah began bass guitar when she was 12, after realizing that all of her favorite songs were driven by strong bass lines and catchy hooks. In 2017, the family traveled to London and attended a summer concert in Hyde Park. The performances included iconic bands such as Green Day, Rancid, The Hives, and The Damned. The one band that struck a chord with Sarah was the Living End, from Australia. A three-piece band with a double bass player, Scott Owen inspired Sarah to take up the stand up bass.
The pulchritudinous vocals of the younger set of twins, Naomi and Nate, leave an indelible thumbprint on the bands signature sound. Naomi’s love for music has always been a defining characteristic in her life. She was the last of the four to find her instrument (guitar) and voice, and quickly made her way to center stage as the predominant song writer. Nate, on the other hand, was the first of the four to find his instrument. He’d often rhythmically tap on his school desk with pencils or his hands, driving his teachers crazy. It was at this point, age six, that his parents bought him his first drum set. Since then, he has been quick to pick up new instruments and compose originals adopted by the band.

Although Naomi writes the majority of songs, Nate has written a few as well, including “Dream of Me,” which experienced success in Toronto, Canada, spending twenty weeks on the top twenty charts and nine weeks at number one. Both Naomi and Nate draw their inspiration from life events. “I create songs based on my experiences” Naomi said, “Each one is a different chapter in my life that I share in hopes to make a difference in people’s lives. With real life comes raw emotion that, when we share openly and honestly, creates a connection that we can all share. In our songs that deal with despair, loneliness, and rejection, we still try to offer glimmers of hope.”

Naomi often uses writing to clear her head. Whenever she finds herself overthinking, she begins focusing on a specific thought or phrase. She continues to explore this thought by sorting out her different feelings and organizing them into a chorus, verses, and bridge. At this point, she usually has a sense of the melody for the future song. It is then given to Nate, who often fine tunes everything from lyrics to timing. Finally, the band runs through the song, each person creating their own parts as they go. However, this is still by no means a solo endeavor, but a collaborative effort. Their democratic approach to songwriting allows everyone to have a final say in each person’s part. This means that every song represents each band member and their musical style.

Since After The Millennials is comprised of family members, the band has been surrounded by music since birth. Even before their official launch in 2017, they often played together in their family room, covering songs from bands like Rise Against, All American Rejects, and Catfish and the Bottlemen. Because they grew up listening to all the same bands, they were easily able to find a genre that worked for all of them. However, each member still has a specific genre that they tend to favor. Naomi prefers bands such as Paramore, Switchfoot, and Grouplove, while Nate leans towards bands such as Anberlin, Keane, and Nothing But Theives. Seth prefers artists like Arctic Monkeys, Ben Folds, and My Chemical Romance. However, as a music composition minor, he also enjoys listening to composers, such as John Powell, Michael Giacchino, and Joe Hisaishi. Finally, Sarah is partial to bands in the same vein as Blink 182, Colony House, and The Wrecks. This culmination of genres allows After The Millennials to create songs that combine the best parts of each musical genre. Their sound can be described as emotionally charged alternative indie rock.

After The Millennials currently have 3 singles released on major music platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, amazon, and YouTube Music. They are continuing to write and record more songs, hoping to release an EP of 5 songs before next summer. Before then, however, listeners may look forward to a new single titled “The Place of In-Between” in October.
Although After The Millennials have been together a short time, they have already enjoyed success and have played at iconic venues such as The Wiltern in Los Angeles and The House of Blues. Furthermore, they were chosen to be a part of The House of Blues’ Music Forward Foundation, an eight week mentorship program featuring the newest sounds and talent of Los Angeles.

After The Millennials hopes to continue organically growing their fan base while strengthening the bonds between themselves and their listeners. They will be touring next summer and sharing new music with live audiences as they prepare to record a full feature album. If you find yourself at an After The Millennials show, you can expect an evening of rich harmonies, warm melodies, and an honest performance.

You can find more information about After The Millennials by visiting, or by following their instagram @afterthemillennials or their Facebook @AfterTheMillennials.

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Faded - EP 2021

Make Believe - Single 2020

The Place of In-Between 2019

Dream of Me - Single 2019

Take a Chance - Single 2018

Follow Your Lead - Single 2018



“After the Millennials” is an American band made up of 2 sets of twins, Seth, Sarah, Nate, & Naomi Crandall. Their love for music began at a very early age as their home was filled with instruments and music due to their father being a musician himself. Nate’s focus is on percussion, vocal harmonies, and writing. Naomi’s focus is on guitar, vocals, and song writing. The rest of the band is composed of Nate & Naomi's twin brother and sister Seth & Sarah. Seth is currently minoring in piano composition and has influences ranging from classical to punk. Sarah plays the bass guitar and double bass. Her musical interest definitely can be found in the 90's punk movement, but she has always been drawn towards songs that have catchy bass lines and hooks. Their songs portray raw emotional themes that relate to everyone, regardless of their age or background.

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