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Adrian Daniel & The Stonerz

Brooklyn, NY | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Brooklyn, NY | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Solo Alternative Soul




"Alt-Soul Singer Adrian Daniel Debuts His 'Disillusions' Album: Premiere"

Alternative soul singer Adrian Daniel meshes sonics with storytelling for the vibe-y Disillusions album, premiering exclusively on Billboard.

The Brooklyn-bred wunderkind started as a professional dancer gracing stages like the Apollo Theater and the Brooklyn Academy of Music before starting a band called L.D.C. and pouring his passion into singing and songwriting. Now, he's made a name for himself with previous projects like 2012's eclectic sound trip Memoirs of a Stoner and the seductive 2014 EP Fkkking High.

The 15-track offering fuses funky grooves with smooth vocals (standouts include "Pride," "Stone Cold Case" and the previously released "Fkkking High") as well as tinges of his diverse influences a la Kanye West, Bob Dylan, Jay Z and Coldplay. It also includes collaborations with singer/musician Jordan Bratton and frequent collaborator LO - Billboard

"Listen To Adrian Daniel’s New Heat “Devoted”"

For the R&B fans out there, Brooklyn, NY native and #FreshPicksFriday Alumni Adrian Daniel is back, this time with a classic R&B tune that will leave you comparing Adrian Daniel to the likes of Ne-Yo, Tyrese, and The Weeknd. Bringing his songwriting talent to the table yet again; Adrian combines aspects from golden era R&B tracks, for example his tight harmonies and his meaningful lyrical content, with things you would hear in more contemporary R&B, such as production techniques (snare drum/kick drum) and delivery. With yet another song under his belt, we cannot wait for the release of his upcoming project. Keep your eyes open for more Adrian Daniel, and check him out on social media for more updates on new releases/upcoming tour dates. - Good Music All Day

"Next up in R&B Adrian Daniel"

Next up in R&B Adrian Daniel
Crooners don’t get as much shine as they should…some of the most legendary songs came from crooner aka real singers. Upstart singer Adrian Daniel has the voice and music to create lasting benchmark memories.

Whether he was singing or dancing, Brooklyn born creative Adrian Daniel can hardly recall a time when he wasn’t on stage. Early on, Adrian invested six years of his life to being a professional dancer and his focused determination landed him on some of the most infamous stages in the business. He brought his passion to the Apollo Theater, New Jersey Performing Arts Center, and the Brooklyn Academy of Music where he performed annually for half a decade.

Eventually, Adrian’s heart pushed him to focus his creative energy on pursuing a career as a singer/songwriter. After starting a band called L.D.C. and watching musicians come and go, Adrian became further determined to embark on a solo career. The artist prides himself on commitment, a true drive, and having an insatiable hunger to succeed in the business. Those qualities combined with his natural talent and a fierce desire to pave his own path are what sets him apart from the pack.

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Adrian partnered with a prodigiously talented group of young producers while in college to craft his first EP as a solo artist. ‘Memoirs of a Stoner’ – an eclectic blend of soul, alternative and hip-hop songs that speak from his personal experiences – personifies Adrian’s rejection of all things ordinary. At only 24, Adrian’s raw talent, songwriting ability, showmanship, and unique voice have earned him a stellar reputation. One of his live performances moved a music critic to note his charisma and the “thought provoking” nature of his music while pinning him as “the next riveting R&B/Pop sensation”.

Adrian’s music influences include an eclectic group of artist such as Kanye West, 30 Seconds to Mars, Kid Cudi, Jay Z, Sade, Queen, Bob Dylan, Journey, Lauren Hill, Coldplay, and Jimmy Hendrix. While Adrian’s art reflects these influences, it also simultaneously defies all genre or label to create something unparalleled.

This is an artist that wants to make a significant impact on the world, and with songs like “Wildfire,” Adrian Daniel is set to do just that.

Check out our exclusive interview with this young dynamo! - Hype Magazine


As music evolves, it becomes more and more blended. Rappers becoming singers and singers becoming rappers. Adrian Daniel wants to keep it simple. An R&B artist born and raised in Brooklyn, NY the simplicity and vulnerability in his songs are what make Daniel stand out from the rest of the noise. HYPEFRESH’s (@MEGBERB) had the opportunity to chat with Daniel about storytelling, musical influences and the one book Daniel keeps on his nightstand.


HF: You’re known for being a storyteller as opposed to just a song writer. Can you tell us what story you’re trying to tell on your next album?

AD: I’ve been trying to tell this specific story for a long time and I’ve been learning every step of the way. I’m trying to make this book the way I want it to come out. It’s about two worlds. One’s the reality of things that don’t seem to be. You know the world seems to be one way, but they don’t ever come out that way in reality. So it’s a lot about what I see especially in life and love and relationships, you want them to be a certain way but it might not pan out that way.

HF: Your single, “Pride” has been getting a lot of good reception, can you talk about what story you’re trying to tell there?

AD: Pride is something that you should have. A parent’s love, but how sometimes we don’t notice how when things are missing our missing in our lives (like this love). We need to learn how to reciprocate this love to other people. For me, “Pride” just started out as me talking about my dad, and him not being there. So for me, as a man I have to really seek out what it looks like to love a woman or to interact with women, without a male role model showing me how to do it. Women can tell me how to do something (like my mom), but as a boy you really want to see another man show you what it looks like. And I didn’t have that. As a grew older, there were moments in relationships where I thought I could have handled it so differently but I never got that ‘training’ from my father. There was that duality, even though I had my mother showing me how to love, I still didn’t know how to love a woman.

“Pride” represents that type of feeling for anyone, those seeking how to love.

HF: Can you talk about your relationship with your producer Rudy Carino? How important is it to be working with someone who has the same vision as you?

AD: Yeah, that’s my best friend. We met in college, my first few days there. It was funny because we actually didn’t like working together at first. Well, it was actually more that we loved the same things but he was very ‘big’ and I was making a song in my dorm room. But now, the way we work is very cohesive. We produce together. I might tell him, ‘Hey, the chords should be like this, the melodies should be like this.” Then he might say, “I don’t know man.” Then we do it and he says, “Ah this is tight.” That’s how every song we made has happened. Sometimes he just knows, I don’t even have to say anything. He just knows what I want done. We just have a duality as brothers and working together.

HF: What artists influence you?

AD: Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, huge Prince fan. De’Angelo. Journey and Queen. My love for them is phenomenal. Jay Z. Kanye. As far as today, MGMT, I listen to them a lot. Kid Cudi. I love Kid Cudi. Bruno Mars. Frank Ocean, he’s like the god. He’s like the missing link in music.

HF: How did growing up in Brooklyn influence your style?

AD: Growing up in Brooklyn made me who I am. Especially musically. Bringing me up, literally. It has picked me up, literally. Without Brooklyn, I don’t think I’d be who I am and see things the way I do. It’s so multicultural here and I think that’s why my music sounds the way it does. I pull from reggae and then you go across the block and there’s a Jewish community. That’s why I talk the way I do and I write the way I write. It’s very harsh but it’s very open to everything. I just want to be able to change the way people look at Brooklyn as far as music goes. There hasn’t been a male singer come out of Brooklyn for a long time since Maxwell. I can change that for sure.

HF: What do you think the stereotypes are?

AD: They’re looking for the next big rapper. Don’t get me wrong I grew up on hip-hop. On Jay and Biggie and Raekwon and 50 Cent. But I think for me, a lot of people want me to be a rapper. There’s a fine line between hip-hop and rap. You don’t really know which is which. And same with pop and R&B. Everything sounds the same and rappers are singing, singers are rapping. I respect hip-hop and rap so much that I would never try to do something that I am not trying to spend time mastering. We need to respect that craft. I want to be timeless. I want my song to be so good that they’re playing it 20 years from now. I want to make something that lasts.


Quick Questions with Adrian Daniel

Favorite Books and Movies

The Alchemist (I keep on my bed all the time, I’ve read it for times already)
Eyes Wide Shut
Training Day
Tron Movie (The visual aspect is incredible)
Any Sherlock Holmes book – I’m a huge fan
Fruitvalle Station
Quick Fire

What’s one collab you want to see in 2016?

Frank Ocean / James Blake (that would change the world)
Best lunch spot in Brooklyn?

Tony’s pizza on Brooklyn Ave.
Beaches or mountains?

Favorite emoji?

That new one with the black face.
To hear more music from Daniel, check out his SoundCloud. - Hype Fresh Magazine

"INTERVIEW: Alt/R&B Crooner Adrian Daniel"

Hi Adrian, how are you doing?

I’ve been alright. Just living.

Can you tell us more about the story behind your track ¨Pride¨?

“Pride” is about taking the pain from not having a mother or father and redirecting it towards someone you love.

Did any event in particular inspire the song?

I wrote the song back in 2013 and it was originally a folk song. After having the first half of the record, it was really inspired by my life, my father, and how his absence played a roll in how I treat the people I love. The second half of the song was inspired by a relationship I was in.

How was the recording and writing process?

Recording was pretty simple because I knew exactly how I wanted it to sound. The writing process however, is always a labor of love. Telling this story in a way people would understand would be a challenge to any writer, but I accepted the challenge.

At the beginning of the song I can hear some Imogen Heap in it – did she play a role in the song or that effect just sounded cool as you were producing the song?

I mean, I like Imogen Heap. But it was more about the record sounding cool; and I was binge listening to Bon Iver, so it affected my approach to the song.

Song is strongly influence by the likes of Michael Jackson and Motown days – when you started your music career did you initially wanted to make music like this or how did this all come about?

This particular song has that feel, but I don’t really feel “boxed in” to one sound because I listen to all different kinds of music. I am a huge Michael Jackson and Motown fan though, but this song sounds like that by circumstance.

The single comes off your new album – how´s that coming along?

It’s pretty much done, just adding those finishing touches.

Any tentative release date or title in mind?

January/February 2016.

Any plans to hit the road?

Absolutely, right after the album drops. I wanna tour as much as I can until I make another. You’re just gonna have to wait and see. - Vents Magazine

"[SPOTLIGHT] Interview: Adrian Daniel + His Debut Album ‘Disillusions’"

Adrian Daniel is a Brooklyn bred dancer, turned band frontman, turned solo singer/songwriter. At just 18 he was a teacher at a Brooklyn high school. Fast forward to now and he’s just released his debut LP titled, ‘Disillusions’. Filled with 15 gravitating and attention grabbing tracks that intertwine all types of moods and experiences, this is one of the strongest debuts I’ve heard in a long time and definitely of 2016. Before hearing the album, I was originally intrigued by a single off the project called “Devoted”. I found out Adrian was from Brooklyn and knowing that paired with the sound I heard on that record made my mind spin. (We talk more about this in the interview) I hopped on the phone with Adrian to talk about his creative process, ‘Disillusions’, and how his love for all types of art affects his music. Without further ado, here’s this week’s Spotlight Interview featuring Adrian Daniel.

Introduce yourself (How long have you been making music? Where are you from?)

“I’m Adrian Daniel. I’m from Brooklyn, New York and have been making music all my life. I didn’t take it seriously until I was about 18 or 19 years old.”

What were you doing before the music?

“I was dancing. I taught it at a lot of schools. I was also a high school teacher at like 18.”

How do you feel living in Brooklyn has influenced your sound?

“I mean Brooklyn is hip hop – I’m reminded that every day. Hip hop is in my DNA, so when I listen to music I prefer it with a hip hop tone to it. We’re a hip hop generation, and with me being from New York, it’s important that I try to keep its presence.”

How do you feel about the 90’s style R&B scene that’s coming back?

“[Thinking] I don’t know. I feel like R&B changes over time, I want to hear it grow; not the same thing. I feel like we’re influenced by what we heard growing up, so us hearing 90’s influenced R&B now is because that’s what we grew up with. I’m all about pushing it forward; giving the best of everything.”

What’s something you feel is important to know and learn as an up-and-coming artist?

“I’d say the business. It’s one thing to make a great record and study your craft, but learning the business is just as important. A lot of artists, I feel, are just cloning others. I know exactly what I want to do.”

What was the creative process like for “Devoted”?

“I was actually just with the producer. We were working on finishing the album. What had happened was he had that guitar line and I wrote the whole song based off of that. I like to work with the producer because I know how I want the song to sound. So we sat down and made all the production around it.”

Is that usually how your process works?

“Most of the time I’ll write the song and have the feel of the production for the song in my head. Then I’ll sit with my guy Rudy and we’ll make the whole song from what was in my head and he’ll take my ideas to a whole different level when he gets into it. That was basically how me and Simen (who produced devoted) finished devoted. ”

Your debut album, ‘Disillusions’ dropped April, 1st. What should we expect before listening?

“Expect the unexpected, I guess. It’s good, I’ll say that, but I don’t want to be that guy that over-hypes his music. I feel like you’ll listen to it and think it’s a fresh perspective of soul music. You’ll hear a lot of Michael moments, Stevie moments, and Prince moments because those were the guys that influenced me. There are more, but just expect to hear a lot of the people that have influenced me. This album is going to debut my signature sound.”

Can you talk a bit about the art exhibit release party you’re doing?

“My whole thing is to create an experience with people. I want them to walk away feeling apart of my mind. This release party is a listening experience, really. You come, I’ll play the album, and I’ll have three artists around New York who worked on the pieces for the album. I put them all in a room and they’ll start working on them. When people come to listen to the album, they’ll get the chance to see the pieces and hear the song that goes along with each piece. There’s a piece for each song and also a full piece that describes the whole album.”

How does your interest in art affect your music?

“A lot of times I’ll look at art and have a whole new song idea. It’s always been apart of me – sometimes I collect it. I just wanted to give something besides my music.”

Where else do you get inspiration from?

“Everything impacts me differently. A lot of times it’s the scenery. I want to make a song that reflects the scenery, or maybe the violence on TV. I’m a storyteller, so I want to tell that story of what I’m seeing or living.”

Do you have any interests outside of music?

“I’m a big movie guy. I look at my songs like movies. When I’m making a song or album, I have a movie in mind that goes along with that album. I’m not going to give it away, but you’ll hear it on the next album. I’m also a big anime fan. I’ll be at the anime conventions no matter what anyone says. I’m also a big bookhead, and my friends get on me for that.”

I saw that a lot of your social media handles are (@ADTheStoner). Is that because you smoke a lot of weed?

“Nah let me tell you story. I was trying to get AdrianDaniel as my name, but it wasn’t available. At the time I had a band called The Stoners, so I just made my handle ADTheStoner. Now people think I’m the official weed mascot. I just wanted to have my own handle. [Laughs]”

What’s your favorite spot to eat at in Brooklyn?

“Tony’s Pizza on Rutland Rd. It’s going to change your life.”

What’s been the best experience so far with your music?

“Just seeing people’s reactions, you know. People would hit me up and tell me how much the song meant to them or how much it helped them. That’s why I do it. I had a show in February, and to hear the audience sing your song is such a gratifying experience.”

Other than the album, what’s next for 2016?

“Just to be awesome. Up on a mountain somewhere, looking down at the road. That’s the plan – to be awesome as fuck.” - Good Music All Day

"Listen: Rising Artist Adrian Daniel Releases Debut LP ‘Disillusions"

Brooklyn native Adrian Daniel is touching on all elements of the mind and soul with his Alt-R&B based, buzz-worthy debut LP, Disillusions.

His first full-length and follow-up to 2014’s Fkkking High EP and 2012’s Memoirs of a Stoner, the 15-track offering does much to solidify his growing fan base, and to the fans of anything from the ’90s, there are actually decent skits.

Speaking of the ’90s, if we were still in the days of cassettes, Adrian would clearly have us in our feelings with the projects split tale of life and love. “The story I was tying to tell was a two-sided story, not just lyrically but sonically,” he said. “Everything is dual sided in my reality. The definition of disillusions is basically things that are perceived to be good but they’re not-telling that story is very important and I feel like it just fit the name of the album.”

The first half offers strong, powerful and commanding production, as well as some funky grooves such as “Pride,” but Daniel also has plenty of heartbreak to get off his chest such as on “Revolve.” Split down the middle with The Weeknd-esque “Devoted,” the second half of the project remains in the unconfident feelings one can experience from a bad breakup, and properly defines the album’s title.

Well worth your listen, check it out below.

Read more at - This is RnB

"Adrian Daniel Debuts Best Album of 2016"

I have been following Adrian Daniel's journey since my first venture into blogging which was about four or five years ago. I actually premiered his initial project and I was so proud for the experience. As amazing as he was at the beginning of his journey, he has only grown and surpassed his previous projects. So, as expected, when he came out with news of releasing his first official album, I was entirely excited to hear it. Titled "Disillusions", this album was everything I was expecting and then some!

Adrian's vocals are so eloquently flawless on every song and each track just beautiful flows into each other which makes it a smooth and somewhat comforting listen. Then again, when you combine an artist who is as talented as Adrian alongside some of the best producers coming out, everything is sure to be fire. While this may be his first official album, Adrian has set the bar so high in my opinion for every other vocalist coming out this year that it's going to take a lot to even compete with this album.

So, for those of my music junkies that like transcending vocals, slightly experimental vibes, and emotive vocals then this album is sure to fulfill all your needs.

To the man that is on his way to becoming a legend, Adrian, stay true to your artistry and everything will line up for you. - Jessi Lee


New York, home of the big apple and domicile of dreams breeds a new alternative soul singing sensation, Adrian Daniel. He proudly premiere’s his album Disillusions. The 15-track collection is a creative weaving of modern & post 1970 R&B instrumentals coated with the synthetic sounds of his vocals. The album released on iTunes on April 1, 2016, and reflects heavy influence from Kanye West, Bob Dylan, Jay Z, and Cold Play.

Work from the Brooklyn born artist has made a bit of a splash in the music pool and has generated acclaim and support from Spotify, TIDAL Discovery, Complex, Vibe, The Fader, as well as Okayplayer; but, the list goes on.

After the rise and fall of a band that he started called L.D.C, Daniel committed to pursuing a solo career and prides himself on having an unbreakable work ethic and trying vigorously to impact world with his music.

He stated: "Music is everything we hope life would be... At least that's what I believe. That's what I've tried to do with this album: with the storytelling, sonics and everything. I just think that's the purpose of art, to push. I wrote this album to move past all the anger I had with myself and people... to keep from going insane at points in my life. Making this album was a labor of love for me. I never had to do anything this difficult in my life... but it was gratifying though. I learned so much in the process."

You can listen to the full stream of Disillusions here.

For more info on Adrian Daniel and what he is up to, check out his social media below! - The Hook Journal


Brooklynite singer-songwriter Adrian Daniel surely impressed us with his infectious falsetto on “Pride,” and now he’s wrapping us up into his soulful melodies yet again for his latest dose. “There are folks who’s so messed up that they take every good gesture as a negative,” coos Daniel on his fresh single “Devoted.” Lifted from his upcoming album Disillusions, the song opens up with an intro that swarms you into a thrilling movie. It’s dark and chilly- reminiscent of looking down an ominous street. Daniel’s voice is laced with emotion as he sings, “You were born a very wicked thing, baby,” in keeping with Simen Solvang’s haunted production. Hear the song for yourself below, and keep a look out for Disillusions out in March. - Saint Heron

"Adrian Daniel Sings For The Dedicated Lovers On "Devoted""

East Flatbush, Brooklyn native, Adrian Daniel sings about a selfless love on his latest song, "Devoted." At each peak in his falsetto, he makes unrequited dedication sound enchanting. He illustrates the haunting self-doubt and second-guessing that happens when a love falls apart. Through the pangs of his frustrations with a past lover who comes around a little too late, Daniel admittedly identifies with emotional hardships but, also asserts his worth and refuses to take any steps backwards that might end in being unappreciated again.
Daniel said in an email to The FADER: "There are folks who's so messed up that they take every good gesture as a negative. Everything you do is never good enough because of some past stuff they never healed from pushing off their mistrust, anger, confusion even rage on the person they suppose to love then blaming you because he or she couldn't see all the beauty of what could have been."
Produced by Simen Solvang, "Devoted" is a single from Daniel's upcoming album, Disillusions. Listen to the song on iTunes on Feb. 5th and catch a live performance from Daniel on Feb. 20th in NYC at Mercury Lounge. Enjoy the song below. - The Fader

"Adrian Daniel – “Wildfire”"

First Look Friday alum Adrian Daniel resurfaced recently with the pulsating single “Wildfire” produced by frequent collaborator Rudy Carino. The single is the title track to Daniel’s EP of the same name, which arrived in late-June featuring remixes from N3bula, Ben Ashton, GetSet and HFNR. Dropping this one in the name of love, Daniel serves up a definite banger. His emotionally dense performance is underscored by the electricity of a carefree, corner-bending arrangement that translates matters of the heart and the heat of a packed dance floor. Check the track below to listen to “Wildfire.” Purchase the Wildfire EP via iTunes. Stay tuned for more from Adrian Daniel. - Okayplayer

"OKP Premiere: Adrian Daniel Delivers On The Soulful New Cut “Pride”"

Shapeshifting Booklyn crooner Adrian Daniel blends tones ond and new on his latest single “Pride,” a track that reckons with broken families, battered hearts and hope. And Okayplayer is very pleased to present its world premiere.

“Pride” struts along with a tight bass and drum chop, channelling the sound of classic Stevie Wonder, 90s-era Seal and modern Justin Timberlake to offer up a vibe that’s impossible to get out of your head. With sly bass fills and towering harmonies darting from all angles, there’s so much going on in “Pride” that it demands multiple listens. This is the kind of track you can just keep on repeat as you walk across an entire city.

“Pride about how the absence of a father/mother could lead to the mistreatment of the person you love because you never got that love from your parent,” Daniel said. “The first half represents my father not being in my life and me thinking if I was the perfect kid maybe he would have wanted me more and would have stayed and that transitions to the second half and how I turned him not being there towards the person I lvoe and how pain was all I knew so how could I know how to love someone when I didn’t get that love from my father?” It all peaks for Daniel with the climactic line “Father have I made you proud for what I have done to the women I love?” This is deeply difficult stuff, decked out in high-fashion funk. Listen to the world premiere of “Pride” below. Check out Danield catalog over on iTunes, and if you’re on the East Coast, make a point to catch his show at Bowery Electric later this month. - Okayplayer

"Premiere: LO & Adrian Daniel ‘Fool’ Video"

Adrian Daniel is a man possessed in his latest visual offering “Fool.” Directed by J-EMZ, Adrian’s dark tale involves a woman, whose spirit takes over his soul. “It’s about loving someone to the point where you lose what matters to you,” he explains of the LO-produced single.

If this is your first time meeting Adrian, the Brooklyn-bred singer recently released his Fkkking High EP, a trippy sound trip reminiscent of Frank Ocean meets The Weeknd meets Childish Gambino (“Perfectly Numb” and “Fkkking High” are personal favorites). Despite the project’s title and his band/production team dubbed The Stoners, AD works sober. “I’m a story kind of guy,” he says. “I look at songs like pictures you can hear. It’s more about a feeling.”

Listening to Prince from the womb, Adrian began belting notes at 6 years old and penning silly songs about ice cream and candy. These days, the former dancer is scribing his life experiences into his yet-to-be-titled album due later this year. Get lost in “Fool” above and his EP below. The track, released through Tommy Boy Records, will also be available for purchase on iTunes on Nov. 11. - Vibe Magazine

"Adrian Daniel (@ADthestoner) & The Stoners 'Fucking High'"

Singer-Songwriter Adrian Daniel’s sound is compared to the artists that have inspired him. Artists such as MGMT, Michael Jackson, Prince, Frank Ocean and Maroon 5. Local Dj’s and music bloggers have described him as a “refreshing surprise,known to hold his own in a very rap dominated field.”

Adrian has toured around New York City performing with his band promoting his EP’s Memoirs of a Stoner and Native. He has been a featured guest on several college and hip hop local radios shows including DealWithNoDeal and most recently outside of New York on WLVS “The L00king Glass” located in DC (DMV). He has performed at many venues including Public Assembly, Brooklyn Jazz Festival, Tammany Hall, Hunter College and most recently The Brooklyn Museum, The Bitter End and The Studio @ Webster Hall with a crowd of over 150 people.

Below is the latest visuals from Adrian featuring The Stoners entitled ‘Fucking High.’ Get lifted below. -

"Adrian Daniel Talks Progression, Helping Frank Ocean + More (VIDEO)"

New York City has always been a veritable incubator for young, creative artists and whatnot . Up and comping musical collective Adrian Daniels & The Stoners gathered a myriad of under 25 music talent at Webster Hall for "Welcome To Stonerland".
Urban contemporary artist Adrian Daniel prides himself on being unwavering of his vision even if he is perceived as a “hard a*s”, but that does not mean he’s not willing help.
"I want to because, I feel like..he’s an artist that, it’s unfortunate, but I’ll say this: the urban community does not accept him enough. If the urban community accepts me...and that’s fine, I can be that bridge for him...then that’s dope."
Adrian Daniel & The Stoners promises a sequel to "Memoirs of a Stoner", as well as two more projects to be released by the end of this year. -

"Who is Adrian Daniel"

Have you ever been lost in the reality of your own emotions? A prominent question we tend to ask from time to time. Well the answers may lie with Brooklyn's own urban contemporary artist /_drian Daniel. Coming off a recent performance as a guest artist on NBC Child Segment (Wednesday's Child) hosted by Janice Huff to support to early teens in foster care, Daniel has been creating visions of a care free world of his own since the age of 16 This year alone he's released anew project 'NATIVE' while current collaborating with a producer from Germany signed by IMAGEM music on his new EP and touring around NYC. 2014 has tons in store for /_drian Daniel. - BK United

"10 More Bands to Look Out for in 2014"

With musical influences being drawn from the likes of Prince and MGMT, young upstart /_\drian Daniel has a lot to show the world when it comes to his music. With two EPs already under his belt, Native and Memoirs of a Stoner, and touring relentlessly around New York City with his band, The Stoners, he’s slowly building an ever-growing fan base and hopefully after checking out some of his tunes you’ll become a fan too. - Audio Addict- United Kingdom (UK)

"Music Moment of the Day: Anarchy Video"

Today’s Mute Music Moment of the Day is brought to you by rising star, Adrian Daniel (stylized as /_\drian Daniel). We first got word of this upcoming,unique talent via our friends at UNDRGRND NATION , and feel it’s only a matter of time before Adrian takes the industry by storm! Check out his track “Anarchy” featuring Figgy, and download his EPs NATIVE and Memoirs of a Stoner here: -

"/_\drian Daniel Debut EP Memoirs of a Stoner"

Music described as thought provoking...feel good music - ROUND MAGAZINE

"/_\drian Daniel" well-rounded artist.Versatility is something that is not often found in today's artist. But /_\drian Daniel is quickly proving to be an artist who can move between music genres or combine them and be engaging every time. - Round Magazine

"Wiz(e)dom's May Feature- /_\drian Daniel"

"Creativity and humbleness at its best. The singer/songwriter extraordinaire also known as /_\drian Daniel bursts onto the scene with his first album titled "Memoirs of A Stoner". This 21 year old music sensation is not only extra talented but, has a sharp mind and wits to match... a student of his craft." - S(c)e(n)e Media

"The L00king Glass: /_\drian Daniel 'Memoirs of a Stoner'"

This guy /_\drian Daniel is a problem. On his EP 'Memoirs of a Stoner' he uses a unique blend of genres to passionately tell his story with pure audio heroin. I can't wait to hear more from this guy. - The L00king Glass

"Alternative Heat: /_\drian Daniel"

Brooklyn has proven to be a veritable breeding ground for talent. Brooklyn rarely disappoint. Urban contemporary artist /_\drian Daniel, born and raised on the planet Brooklyn creates lush musical canvases with two inspiring projects, Memoirs of a Stoner and Native. - AllHipHop.Com

"Undeniably Repeatable Music: /_\drian Daniel and the Stonerz"

"... once you listen to /_\drian Daniel will like what you see and hear" - STARVED Magazine

"/_\drian Daniel LIVE at the Brooklyn Museum Teen Night, Friday April 12th" - PRLog

"TMCA Best of 2012: Top 12 Independent Singer/Songwriter Releases"

/_\drian Daniel debut EP "Memoirs of a Stoner' TMCA Best of 2012: Top 12 Independent Singer/Songwriter Releases - theycallmeayo- IndieLife-The Parthenon Group

"Okayplayer First Look Fridays: /_\drian Daniel"

/_\drian Daniel is fresh... fresh that comes from his originality.. He defies labels throughout. Memoirs is a work of art.. It's clear he's just getting started. - Okayplayer

"/_\drian Daniel Releases Memoirs of a Stoner EPK"

"Memoirs of a Stoner" is definitely an EP you will want to repeat and one you can vibe to. Its feel good music. - WordPress:UNDRGRND NATION

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"Keep an eye out out on him for future projects" - UNDRGRND NATION

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"Our lasted Sonicbids competition winner... has recently released album "Memoirs of a Stoner" to critical acclaim. /_\drian Daniel has a great energetic vibe and uses this to create some individual, memorable yet commercial tracks. One of Essential Pop's "One's to Watch"." - Essential Pop Online Music Magazine


Upcoming Artists and New Music: /-\drian & Vortex
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Hey everybody! Welcome to the newest segment on the Online Music Reviews website. This topic has one main agenda; to connect good music to people like you. So if you or someone you know has a musical talent shoot me an email at and you could be the next new face on “Upcoming Artists and New Music!”

Ladies and gentlemen meet the next riveting R&B/Pop sensation, /-\drian Daniel. Two words to describe the singer/songwriter/ co-producer/ dancer’s music- “thought provoking”. /-\drian started music at three years old. His early influences were his godfather’s jazz music and the artistic diversity of his hometown Brooklyn, New York. Music icons such as Micheal Jackson, Frank Ocean, Biggie and Jay Z sparked further inspiration in the upcoming artist. “I knew music was all I wanted to do at 11 but I got serious about it by like 18.” the charismatic artist says, “You know not many people have someone in their lives who is usically inclined and can guide them from a young age and my godfather really helped me with that.” His key to success is having a strong personality and being himself. His music ‘speaks from a personal level’ and each song tells a tale about his experiences. His raw talent and uniqueness landed him quite a few shows. One of his favorite performances was on Fulton and Classon at Synergy
Art Gallery. /-\drian’s album “Memoirs of A Stoner” drops this May. Stay posted for that along with a mixtape expected in August. Apart from /-\drian’s solo projects his group The Stoner’s website launches the day of the album drop. To follow up on /-\drian Daniel and The Stoners go to -

"Premiere: LO x /_\drian Daniel – ‘Fkkking High’ EP [Stream] + Official Video"

LO and /_\drian Daniel have teamed to release a synthy, infectiously soulful and sensual collection of tracks with the arrival of the Fkkking High EP. The project combines the otherworldly sounds of German producer LO with the sticky, sweet falsetto of Brooklyn’s own /_\drian Daniel to produce an utterly seductive and seamlessly produced 7-track compilation. LO connected with Daniel – a First Look Fridays veteran – on SoundCloud after a search for new music turned up his Native EP. Immediately compelled to connect, LO sent a bunch of instrumentals and a winning collaboration was born. It becomes abundantly clear from the very first note, that this pair has cooked up something extremely special. The Fkkking High EP packs a punch with a host of sonic influences, from LO’s heavy bass and house roots to Daniel’s foundations in hip-hop and punk. Together they have created a monstrous project that pulls from a variety of sources to produce a fresh sound firmly rooted in sonic experimentation with a buzzing electricity and unwavering devotion to the tenets of pop. The project combines the duo’s original 4-track EP with alternative edits and remixes of the title track and “Perfectly Numb” from DUKTUS and ENNIO. Check the footage below to view the official video for the EP’s title track directed by LO, Andres Lauer, J-EMZ and /_\drian Daniel. Scroll down to stream the Fkkking High EP from LO and /_\drian Daniel. Stay tuned for more. - Okayplayer

"Watch: LO feat. /_\drian Daniel 'Fkkking High' Video"

It's rare to find sober music these days. While Juicy J waves the Trippy flag and Wiz Khalifa going green on nearly every record, enter /_\drian Daniel + The Stoners. While his sound is Weeknd-esque in nature, the crazy-haired crooner's full body vocals are soothing to your ear palette. In his latest video for "Fkkking High", /_\drian teams with UK Bass/House producer LO and fades to blackout on a sensual mood swing. For more from him and the Stoners, OD on his Fkkking High EP below. -

"Brooklyn-Bred Soul Man Adrian Daniel Drops ‘Disillusions’ LP [STREAM]"

Brooklyn-bred soul man Adrian Daniel returns strong in 2016 with a full stream of his full-length Disillusions LP, which landed April 1st. The 15-track project follows a string of formidable singles and projects, including “Pride” and the 2015 Wildfire EP. A chronicle of the joy and pain that informed the release, Daniel describes Disillusions as a “labor of love.”

“Music is everything we hope life would be… At least that’s what I believe. That’s what I’ve tried to do with this album: with the storytelling, sonics and everything. I just think that’s the purpose of art, to push. I wrote this album to move past all the anger I had with myself and people…to keep from going insane at points in my life. Making this album was a labor of love for me. I never had to do anything this difficult in my life… but it was gratifying though. I learned so much in the process.” – Adrian Daniel

Check out the track below to listen to the Disillusions single “Devoted.” Scroll down stream the project via Billboard. Purchase the Disillusions LP via iTunes. Get more on Adrian Daniel via - Okay Player


Still working on that hot first release.



Brooklyn born creative Adrian Daniel can hardly recall a time when he wasn’t on stage. After starting a band called L.D.C. and watching musicians come and go, Adrian became determined to embark on a solo career. The artist prides himself on commitment, a true drive, and having an insatiable hunger to succeed in the business. Those qualities combined with his natural talent and a fierce desire to pave his own path are what sets him apart from the pack.  


Adrian partnered with a prodigiously talented group of young producers while in college to craft his first EP as a solo artist. ‘Memoirs of a Stoner’ - an eclectic blend of soul, alternative and hip-hop songs that speak from his personal experiences – personifies Adrian’s rejection of all things ordinary. Adrian’s raw talent, songwriting ability, showmanship, and unique voice have earned him a stellar reputation. One of his live performances moved a music critic to note his charisma and the “thought provoking” nature of his music while pinning him as “the next riveting R&B/Pop sensation”.


Adrian’s music influences include an eclectic group of artist such as Kanye West, 30 Seconds to Mars, Kid Cudi, Jay Z, Sade, Queen, Bob Dylan, Journey, Lauren Hill, Coldplay, and Jimmy Hendrix. While Adrian’s art reflects these influences, it also simultaneously defies all genre or label to create something unparalleled.


This is an artist that wants to make a significant impact on the world, and with songs like “Pride” and “Wildfire,” Adrian Daniel is set to do just that.

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