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Brooklyn, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF | AFM

Brooklyn, New York, United States | SELF | AFM
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Alternative Art Rock





Adiós Ghost – “Tension”
A Spill Exclusive Canadian Music Premiere

It’s hard to talk about Adiós “Tension” as an individual song without talking about the Endless Return EP as a whole. The idea of the endless return is about realizing that there may be no objective truth, and all that has happened will happen again in an endless cycle of return–all ideas that one would think lead directly to nihilism. But instead of descending down that path, one can decide that all of this simply means the individual must construct their own sense of meaning in life. In other words, none of it reduces the necessity of meaning to human existence. The whole process–recognizing the cyclical nature of things, feeling a sense of meaninglessness as a result, and then resolving to construct one’s own sphere of meaning–starts with the spark of that first scary realization, a point of “Tension” when your ego slams up against your anonymity. And so “Tension” is the lead-off track, the entry point into the cycle of Endless Return. - Spill Magazine

"Premiere: “Tension” by Adios Ghost"

Get ready for some Brooklyn bred psychedelic sounds. Four piece act Adios Ghost is bringing us their latest track, titled “Tension”, today!

The song is taken from the band’s upcoming release Endless Return. The third album in the band’s collection is set to be released this May. Check out the track below, and let us know what you think on Twitter! - Idobi Radio

"Exclusive Premiere: “Counting Paces” by Adios Ghost Download and Acoustic Video"

Brooklyn-based quartet Adios Ghost's sound isn’t easily reduced to adjectives or genres. Their songs build to crescendoing emotions, creating an ethereal, unpredictable sound that is always atmospheric, and alternately moody, frenetic and soft. Founded by singer Ben Sigerson as a home recording project, the group expanded to include Simon Davenport, Jimmy Stull, and A. Loew, and they released their debut EP in January 2013.

In anticipation of their upcoming CMJ appearances, the band has released their new single, “Counting Paces,” alongside an unplugged and unfiltered video performance of the track exclusively for Culture Collide. In the single, Sigerson’s aching vocals fade in and out around dueling strings and percussion, creating a vacuum of indie-folk-electronic goodness you’re happy to be sucked into.

They’ve also released a remix of their previous single, “Spitting Glass,” which is broken down and put back together under the talented hands of Brooklyn producer and guitarist Michael Beharie, who is also one-half of Tezeo (Dummy Records, Shinkoyo Records). You can download all tracks for free on - Culture Collide

"A CMJ Music Marathon Guide for the Rest of Us"

The five-day event takes over rock clubs and venues all over Brooklyn and Manhattan in hopes of finding the next big thing in music. Though it may feel like a nonstop industry party that you’re not invited to, this isn’t Fashion Week. Plenty of shows are open to the public.

We’ve narrowed it down to our list of must-hears.


Band: Adios Ghost (pictured above)
Future hit: “Splitting Glass”
Sounds like: Layered, haunting indie electronic (also easy on the eyes).
When: Thurs., 7:45 p.m.
Where: Alphabet Lounge, 104 Ave. C, at 7th St. Admission ($10) at the door. - Daily Candy


A definite sense of urgency pervades Adios Ghost’s tropicalia-tinged track, “Fernseher”, and its video does well to show us why. With a little magical illumination, we find a girl persistently searching through scenes of her past while also glimpsing what might have been. Trailing her as she moves in and out of various settings, a sense of loneliness and loss invades our space, and while exactly what she is searching for is never quite revealed in the video, what it does do is beautifully and perfectly capture the song’s frustrated grasping and coming up short sentiment. “The sun is always setting and I don’t know why /To think that I could chase it, just give it a try/You know you can’t erase it just by telling lies/But I know you see far with your Fernseher eyes.”

“Fernseher” is from Brooklyn band, Adios Ghost’s, six-track EP that you can snatch up here. The band teamed up with Brooklyn filmmaker, Nathan Punwar, for the making of the track’s gorgeously captivating video which we are honored to premiere today. Watch it above, and catch the band live at Baby’s All Right on 4/1 and Littlefield on 4/10! - The Wild Honey Pie

"[Indie] Introducing: Adios Ghost – Fernseher & Wistful"

There’s something very wild and worldly about Adios Ghost. Their indie rock style — full of crazy exuberance, tribal-esque percussion, and howling vocals — reminds me of a hybrid of Local Natives, Fool’s Gold and Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros. Not a bad genetic makeup. I accidentally stumbled upon the Brooklyn four-piece while on Bandcamp late last night and it’s been such a great and rewarding find. Below I’ve included two songs off their new, debut 6-song EP. Adios Ghost were kind enough to make the entire thing available as a free download. Make sure to show them love on Facebook, too. - The Music Ninja

"Check Out Adios Ghost at Pianos Next Week"

You’ve got to love a band whose influences are “lurching trees” and “the rhythm of the wooden walkway on the Brooklyn Bridge.”

Brooklyn-based Adios Ghost has been described as “experimental indie folk,” with world music influences and intricately layered harmonies.

Having met in college, members A. Loew, Ben Sigerson, Jimmy Stull and Simon Davenport bonded over similar musical inspirations (Elliott Smith being a big one). Their music continued to evolve after moving to Brooklyn, with current influences such as Grizzly Bear, Yeasayer, experimental band Tortoise, world music, 60s “revolution” music, and experimental 70s/80s cellist Arthur Russell. It’s hard to categorize Adios Ghost’s sound, but that’s not a bad thing.

Taking their name from the end of the Big L song “Put it On,” where the rapper sings “Adios Ghost, I’m gone,” Stull said he was taken with the poetic line and the way that the rapper “excused himself from his own song.”

Adios Ghost plays Pianos this Wednesday, September 25, at 11pm (along with a a roster of other cool bands). Listen to their latest single, “Splitting Glass,” available for download on their website, and also check out their facebook page. - Bowery Boogie

"Brooklyn Experimental Folk: Adios Ghost"

With instruments such as banjos, mandolins, and twangy acoustic guitars it’s surprising that Adios Ghost isn’t more of a new grass band. Instead this Brooklyn quartet goes the rout of experimental indie folk, including varied percussion, hollow harmonies, and echo-like vocals. Some tracks start with a mellow, classic sound before breaking down on a unique beat like "October Snow" or an electric frenzy like "Fernseher." This music is the rebellious teenager of Bluegrass and Folk, throwing away old traditions and embracing the Brooklyn indie scene. Their latest self-titled EP is available here. - The Deli Magazine


Adios Ghost - "Fade Out With Your Phantoms" full length

Adios Ghost - "Endless Return" EP

Adios Ghost - "Counting Paces / Splitting Glass" single

Adios Ghost - s/t EP

Singles, EP's, and full length available for purchase and streaming:



Adiós Ghost draws from a broad sonic palette, focusing psychedelia, early house, R&B and West African music through a dark and moody rock lens. The band’s debut, self-titled EP came out in winter 2013 and was met with praise, described by critics as "wild and worldly", "full bodied, and impassioned" and "intensely colourful." Moving forward, Adiós Ghost expanded upon their founding influences, and drummer Alex Loew tacked on the role of producer-engineer. They released The Endless Return EP in June 2016, followed by their first full-length, Fade Out With Your Phantoms, in April 2017.  After a spring tour of the East Coast, South, and Midwest, the band began working on a follow-up with producer Phil Mossman (LCD Soundsystem, Primal Scream).

Adiós Ghost was formed by songwriter Ben Sigerson in 2012. After returning to the U.S. from Munich, where he had worked as a broadcast music editor, Ben sought to take his impressions and experiences from living and working in Germany, and unite them into a cohesive musical project. Joined by Simon Davenport and Jimmy Stull--old friends from time spent in Madison, WI--and Alex Loew, a pal from growing up in DC, the four-piece began playing shows around their local Brooklyn neighborhoods.

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