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Sherman Oaks, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF

Sherman Oaks, California, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2013
Duo Alternative Pop




"Academy - Juicy"

Academy, the LA based duo that has blown us away since day 1 is back with a brand new cover. Here Evan and John bring the fans Notorious BIG's "Juicy" is their very own fashion. This release is to celebrate the success of breaking 10K fans on Facebook for Academy. Check it out below and if you are going to be in NYC this Saturday be sure to catch them live with Radical Something at Webster Hall. Finally, don't forget to follow Academy on SoundCloud and Twitter. Enjoy. - Good Music All Day

"Academy - We Ain't Never (Official Video)"

I can honestly say I have personally watched Academy grow since day one. With that being said this is probably the best video of theirs to date. Taking their single "We Ain't Never" which was released about 4 months ago and putting it to visuals was such a great idea. In this new video we follow the guys on a eventful camping trip. Check it out for yourself above and don't forget to follow Academy on SoundCloud and Twitter. Enjoy. - Good Music All Day

"Academy - Hold Me Down"

Academy's new "Hold me down" is a new reggae, chill, hip-hop beat. Like most of their other songs, Academy kills it once again with their unique style of music.

Being released only a day ago, "Hold me down" already has over 1K listeners. Being a first time listener, this group is what the music world needs, something different our viewers will enjoy. The down to earth tempo and vibes throughout this song is what is going to make Academy big one day!

Check them out on twitter and Facebook and enjoy! - Good Music All Day

"Academy - Hold Me Down (Official Video)"

LA based reggae duo, Academy just put out a new music video for their track "Hold Me Down." While Hold Me Down was released only a few weeks ago, the song has already circulated close to 20,000 views.

The Kris Roller directed film takes us through a day in the life with the musical duo. The video is very creative in how it is shot and edited. There is no interruption in between cut scenes and it makes it appear as if the video was shot in one take. This song has that "feel good" vibe to it and makes you wish summer would arrive sooner. They reminds me a lot of Cris Cab with their unique alternative reggae sound. For all the latest, make sure to follow Academy on twitter and sound cloud. - Good Music All Day

"Academy come bearing summertime sounds with "Hold Me Down""

Depending on where you're reading this from, your bout with winter is most likely over. While I and many of my fellow Canadians are jealous of your snowless streets and t-shirt weather, Academy has got the next best thing to satisfy my musical tastes and "Hold Me Down" until things get a little nicer. In keeping with their relaxed sound that delivers only the best of vibes, the duo have come through with a tune bound to be the underrated gem on your summer playlist. I'd even go far as to say that the song sounds like it could've been on a soundtrack for Tony Hawk's Pro Skater.

Check the track out and give them a like on their Facebook page to download the track. There's no hint as to whether or not the song is a part of a future EP, but I think it's safe to say we're in store for some great music if "Hold Me Down" if any indication of what they've been cooking up. - Earmilk

"ACADEMY give "Hold Me Down" the video treatment [Premiere]"

Last week we gave you the latest from ACADEMY in the form of their their most excellent hit, "Hold Me Down"―this time around, we've got the video for you to enjoy. Instead of giving us the formulaic music videos we've all seen before, director Kris Roller gives us a look into what the boys' day to day affairs are all about.

What I love most about this video is how well the final product turned out; it's dynamic in the way that it is filmed, yet the style shows how down to earth ACADEMY and their music are. Like all of us out there, they just wanna hang with the homies, crush a few brews, and have a good time: three traits that show in their work.

Check the video out the above video and stay up to date with ACADEMY by following them on their Facebook page. Let's hope they've got some more tunes coming really soon. - Earmilk

"Academy - Catch My Vibe"

I know I'm a little late on this, but as a Rhode Islander myself it is a pleasure to introduce Academy, a group composed of John That and Evan Walsh. They manage to mix elements of hip-hop, reggae, and pop and definitely have huge potential. This is my favorite of their tracks, and is one of those feel-good, beach day kind of tracks. Look out for a collab between them and Radical Something in the near future. I'm looking forward to these guys helping to put the Rhode Island music scene on the map. Show these guys some love, their info is below! - College Of Music

"Academy - Closer To Me"

The newest song from the Rhode Island duo Academy is another great track. Closer To Me is a little more fast paced than their previous songs, but still manages to give you those same kind of chill, summertime vibes which they are quickly becoming known for. This is one of those tracks that you just can't help wanting to get up and dance to. One of the things I love about Academy is you can tell their having a great time making these songs and it translates into their music, making it that much more enjoyable to listen too. Listen to the track below and show these guys some love. - College Of Music

"Academy - Seventeen"

One of my favorite groups Academy, is here to bring us some good vibes, however with a little twist. Some of you may not know this, but ahead of their East Coast tour Academy decided to add John That; the New Hampshire born LA native who you may know from his own solo work, including the catchy summer anthem "Hippy Girl".

John joins Evan, and and I think really adds an awesome new element to the group, bringing his own easygoing style and alluring vocal talents to the table, and really complements the alternative, hip-hop, and reggae mix the duo already had going for them.

The first release since John joined the group is "Seventeen", a very catchy and relatable song about a summer fling, that quickly turns sour. The girl that was once so vibrant and promised she would never leave, is now long gone, finding herself caught up in drugs and the party lifestyle, and is losing herself in the process.

Somehow, Academy manages to make this not only endlessly enjoyable to listen to, but also a track that I'm sure a lot of people can find a ton of meaning in, and really relate to. That's truly an underrated skill, and just goes to show how talented these guys really are. Give the track a listen, show some love, and catch Academy on tour this fall! - College Of Music

"Academy - Moving Methods EP [Must Download]"

Before I start this post let me take you back a ways, back to when I first heard of an East Greenwich duo named Academy. As someone that listens to an awful lot of music, and an awful lot of indie and underground music, I can say with absolute certainty that it's not often that you're blown away by a brand new artist. But, with Academy I could tell that these two young artist's were on to something special from the beginning.

With an infectious summer sound, and a knack for a catchy hook and some thoughtful lyrics, this wasn't your normal run-of-the-mill music experience, and I vividly remember being captivated by the first few notes of "Fine By Me", as the lyrics danced over the jumpy, summery, beat.

After doing a little research, I realized that not only did Academy bring a refreshing new sound to the table, but they also hailed from the small, coastal state, I also called home, Rhode Island. Rhode Island is a state that honestly has been somewhat underrepresented on the music scene, but I can proudly say that Evan and Eli are doing the Ocean State justice, and alongside Mike Stud and Magic Man are helping to put our state on the map music-wise.

Back to the present, just yesterday Academy dropped their debut EP titled "Moving Methods", which in my humble opinion is easily one of the most enjoyable projects you'll get to listen to this summer. Although they are often compared with the likes of Sublime, Aer, Radical Something, Dirty Heads, and Rebelution, among others, I truly think Academy brings an entirely unique sound to the table.

With a little East Coast flare to what is mostly a west coast sound, their twisting lyrics glide over some up-beat, stripped down production, that usually culminate in a catchy, easygoing chorus. The duo effortlessly manages to blend pieces of indie, hip-hop, reggae, pop, and alternative music into one incredibly appealing package, meaning "Moving Methods" is perfect for everything from cruising down 95, to hitting the beach, and enjoying a night with friends.

With standout singles like "Backyard Haze", "Catch My Vibe", and "This View" joining some fresh new tracks like "Gets Me" that are equally filled with good vibes, I can honestly say you will love this project from start to finish, and find yourself bobbing your head and jamming to the smooth tunes. Whether you Download the project for free, or buy it on iTunes, PLEASE support this awesome new project, and if you really dig it, consider copping some fresh new merch here. Thank you, and give this a listen or two!

Connect with Academy: @Academy401 // Facebook // Soundcloud // Website - College Of Music

"The Notorious B.I.G. - Juicy (Academy Remix)"

In celebration of breaking 10,000 fans on Facebook yesterday, Academy has decided to release their cover of The Notorious B.I.G.'s mega-hit Juicy. True to their summery flavor, Academy brings the 90's rap classic into contemporary times with a playful, tropical, rework.

Lead by John That's distinctive vocal stylings, Academy mellows out the original with a series of sun-soaked synths, crisp percussion, little hits of steel drums, and an acoustic guitar. Occasionally you'll hear Evan jump in to harmonize alongside John, and you can't help but embrace these refreshingly positive vibes, especially with finals and that Winter chill starting to effect many of us.

"Birthdays was the worst days, Now we sip champagne when we thirsty"

If you're lucky enough to have caught Academy live, you might have heard them perform this before. Speaking of (notice the flawless segue), Academy will be spreading their good vibrations in New York City this Saturday alongside Radical Something at Webster Hall. Even better tickets are only $5! So grab some HERE, and join yours truly for a wild night full of beautiful tunes.

Regardless, make sure to show Academy some love, and give their new track a spin or three.

Connect with Academy: @ACADEMY401 // Facebook - College of Music

"Academy - Hold Me Down (Official Music Video)"

If you're in need of an injection of unequivocally groovy, summery vibes to last you until the warmer months roll around, then look no further than Academy's newest visual. The artfully shot video follows Evan and John throughout a lively day in the City of Angels, as the duo lives out the kind of lighthearted, sun-soaked lifestyle embodied in their music.

Speaking of music, the song visualized in the video, Hold Me Down, is arguably Academy's best work. Lead by tropical inspired production, joined with reggae-tinged vocals, the track is a quintessential reflection of the duo's distinctive sound. From Evan's carefully styled stanzas, to the horn hits right before the undeniably head-bobbing hook, Hold Me Down is the audio equivalent of a chilled beer on a sandy beach.

So as Kris Roller's impressive camera work brings the record to life, soak in the good vibes, and hope that the days of Summer aren't too far away. Stay tuned for more music and a few shows from Academy in the near future, and keep showing the guys some support.

Connect with Academy: @ACADEMY401 - College Of Music

"Academy - We Ain't Never"

Summer may have left us, but Academy's good time, tropical vibes certainly haven't. Today we get a crispy new jam from the ultra-talented duo, as John and Evan let loose "We Ain't Never". With a carefree, easygoing, chorus leading the way, set off by John That's entrancing vocals, this is immediately another fantastic effort from the fast rising group. Once again elements of hip-hop, alternative, and pop all collide to bring you the sound that is distinctly Academy.

The production, a maybe overlooked part of Academy is also really on point, with a sun-soaked, smooth, instrumental really setting the tone for the youthful, fun track. Evan's tongue twisting verses showcase a melody and flow that improves with seemingly every release, and these are truly some of my favorite bars yet. The two musicians, both talented in their own right, really complement each other flawlessly, but you knew that already, as Academy has been nothing less than stellar from the start. For now, "We Ain't Never" seems like a loosie, but we'll see if it gets attatched to another project in the future, it's certainly good enough to be.

I'm sure the good times are only going to keep on rolling for Academy with the touring and music continuing to impress. Show the East Coast natives (Rhode Island and New Hampshire respectively) some love and make sure to stay tuned for the future, very big things ahead.

Connect with Academy: @ACADEMY401 // Facebook - College Of Music

"Academy - Fine By Me"

I’ve been listening to “Fine By Me” by the Academy for a few days, and the truth is it’s a great record. It has a reggae flavor and a dose of retro-funk, I’m feeling it. In my opinion, this hook is a hit, so damn catchy, just a cool vibe. The band is a duo Evan and John from Rhode Island whom are currently residing in Los Angeles, and Boston. Hopefully they put out some new tracks some time soon, it’s a great sound! Must listen and must download! - Fresh New Tracks

"Academy - Catch My Vibe"

The duo that makes up Academy is back with another chill laid back record called “Catch My Vibe.” Though in my opinion not as catchy as their latest release “Fine By Me” , they stay true to their vibe with a groovy guitar line, and a reggae flow on the vocals that could be compared to Sublime. This is track 2 from the guys, and I’m still impressed, keep it up! This is a must listen, and a must download! - Fresh New Tracks

"Academy - Closer To Me"

Them Academy boys are it again with their latest release “Closer To Me,” a catchy little ditty with sunny vibes, and a refreshing sound compared to everything else that’s out there. For a 2 minute and 30 second song it’s a true tease from what we can expect from these 2, and another reason for you to download it and play it on repeat. Other then the music, I have to applaud the guys for their songwriting, pay attention to their lyrics, these guys can write! If you want to know what California and Brooklyn sound like when they make music together, Academy is it. This is a must listen and a must download. - Fresh New Tracks

"Academy - This View"

FNT was first to put you on to ACADEMY, and their latest single “This View” off their EP Moving Methods is one you’re not going to want to miss! The guys had sent me this track a few days back, and I’ve been so deep into deep house music, I wasn’t ready for it, but this Thursday morning seemed like the right time to press play, and the quality of the sound is what brought me in. Their ditty like, laid back production, produced by Sean Kongery, overlayed with their trademark reggae/ska vocals makes for the perfect rainy day Summer jam. This is a must listen and a must download! - Fresh New Tracks

"Academy - We Ain't Never"

I’m proud of these boys, the ACADEMY is doing their thang, slowely building their fanbase out here on the East Coast, but it’s no doubt they will soon be making their way nationally performing for the world. Their Sublime meets Sugar Ray sounds is a groove you can’t help but move to, and “We Ain’t Never” is an infectious one, and even more so if you catch these dudes live! I’ve been a fan of these cats since day 1, FNT being the first to support, and I can’t wait to see how far they take the music! This is a must listen! - Fresh New Tracks

"Academy - We Ain't Never (Official Music Video)"

It’s been a minute since we have heard from the rapidly growing duo Academy. Unlike most, Academy had yet to release an official set of visuals despite having great success with their Moving Methods EP which dropped last June. That changed yesterday as the LA transplants connected with up and coming director Elemen† and dropped visuals for their most recent single We Ain’t Never. Head over to their SoundCloud to grab the free download and be sure to stay up to date with Academy by giving them a follow on Twitter (@Academy401). - Fresh New Tracks

"Academy - Hold Me Down"

Originally discovered by FNT, Academy has made huge strides since their debut back in October of 2013. The duo has been well overdue for new tunes as it’s been almost a year since their freshman EP ‘Moving Methods‘ was released. Full of funky bass, horns and catchy guitar riffs by producer Matt Osenton, not to mention some fresh turntable scratching provided by DJ Smiles, this new single shows Evan and John’s versatility and progression as artists. Hold Me Down is the first single off their sophomore project set to drop later this Spring and if this is any indication, it appears your summer beach playlist will be full of Academy. Be sure to throw the guys a follow on Twitter (@Academy401) and Like their page on Facebook! - Fresh New Tracks

"Academy - Hold Me Down (Official Music Video)"

Since their arrival on late 2013, Academy has absolutely amazed with each single, but the one thing never received regularly were visuals. In January the duo unleashed their first set of visuals for their single We Ain’t Never and today the duo teamed up with director Kris Roller to drop one of the more creative music videos we have seen in quite some time for their single Hold Me Down. - Fresh New Tracks

"Academy - This View"

I’ve been slacking hardcore, you guys. Through no one’s fault but my own, I’ve had to put writing on the back burner for a long time now, and I’m really, really disappointed in myself for that. Not only because I haven’t been putting forth the effort that you guys deserve, but because this track here has been sitting in my inbox forEVER (Squints from “The Sandlot” voice) and you haven’t been able to play it all summer.

Academy is a new duo making an awesome kind of airy, laid-back hip-hop. But it isn’t really hip-hop, and it also isn’t really indie, but it’s definitely perfect for playing with your windows down this summer. You can download the track below and make sure you pick up their EP “Moving Methods” which dropped TODAY. - Sunset In The Rearview

"Academy - Backyard Haze"

ACADEMY makes its debut on the Kollection with the release of their latest single, “Backyard Haze.” The Rhode Island group, made up of duo Evan Walsh and Eli Brown, has a similar sound to Radical Something or Aer, using clean acoustic rhythms and simple vocals to take you back to long summer days at the beach or by the pool. Take a listen and inject your winter with ACADEMY’s feel-good sunny beats. If you like “Backyard Haze,” check out another single of theirs called “Catch My Vibe,” also posted above. Both songs are available to download for free off their soundcloud, so grab them and show ACADEMY a little love by like them on Facebook and following them on Twitter. - The Kollection

"Academy - Juicy"

Academy has been making steady moves within the Rock/Pop circuit since the release of their Moving Methods EP. Their music is already being placed on TouchTunes jukeboxes and serves as an indicator of what this up-and-coming team has in store for us. Take their latest creation “Juicy” for instance, where John interprets the legacy of the late and great The Notorious B.I.G. Known for their summertime chill sound, the two put an interesting twist on Biggie’s ’94 classic. Definitely an interesting combination, but a successful one. - The Kollection

"Academy - Seventten"

Since the release of their Moving Methods EP in June, the boys of ACADEMY have kept relatively busy playing live shows on the east coast, but finally they’ve appeased their ever-growing fan club with the latest single, “Seventeen.” This latest tune features more production and hip hop beats than the reggae-esque acoustic sounds of their previous music, spinning quick clever lyrics that resonate with America’s youth and pop culture. With similar vibes to Aer and Radical Something, it’s no surprise that these guys are picking up followers fast. Grab your free download above when you “like” their Facebook page, and follow these guys on Twitter to catch all the latest on new music and live shows. - The Kollection

"Academy - Fine By Me"

Newly formed duo Academy drop off their first single “Fine By Me.” The group consisting of Evan Walsh and John That draw inspiration from the likes of Slightly Stoopid, MGMT and Biggie Smalls to create a very unique and refreshing sound. Expect more new releases from these guys soon in anticipation of their debut project. - Rap Dose

"Academy - Closer To Me"

Rhode Island duo Academy continue to ready their debut project and now we get their latest single “Closer To Me” which is sure to come in handy on Valentine’s Day. If you want more check out their exceptional song “Fine By Me” and get the rest on Soundcloud. - Rap Dose

"Must Have Tune : Fine By Me – Academy (Free Download)"

Yesssss… Reggae vibes are back on! And in the form of a free download. ‘Fine by Me’ by Academy is a healthy part of a balanced weekend. Let the good vibes in. Is that a Ukulele I hear? This tune is officially perfect for some serious “quality” time. - All You Can Love

"Academy - Fine BY Me"

Academy is band consisting of two members Evan Walsh & John That, both Rhode Island natives currently based out of Los Angeles. “Fine By Me” is their latest release and It’s got me raping the replay button with no remorse. In this collision of robust reggae groove and dope vibes the sound is syncopated unlike anything I’ve heard and rumor has it, they’re gearing up to drop their next track a week from today. Follow Academy on Twitter and like them on Facebook to keep an eye out for the upcoming dopeness. Hit the jump to stream “Fine By Me”. - Triller Than Most

"Academy - Fine By Me"

Lets welcome Academy to Hard In The Paint. Made up of 20 year olds Evan and Eli, the new reggae/hip-hop tandem release a track. With a sound similar to fellow Boston artists Aer, “Fine By Me” is super catchy. Originally from Rhode Island, Evan is out in Los Angeles and Eli is finishing up at Northeastern University. - Hard In The Paint

"Academy - Closer To Me"

Rhode Island duo “Academy” have only released four songs to date but are already one of our favorite new chill artists. They have an old school sound that features just their guitar and voices, but create really fresh, authentic music that just immediately puts you in a chill mood. Listen to their new track “Closer To Me” for some of those insta chills and checkout more Academy below: - Frat Music

"Academy - Closer To Me"

If you haven’t heard of Rhode Island locals Academy, we’re happy to introduce you to these dudes because not only is their music great, but they’re a couple of homies! The duo is made up of Evan Walsh and Eli Brown who’ve been making music together for years but just recently decided to feed the streets … bout time.

Bringing a Sublime like sound to a new era of music, Academy is carving out a unique lane in the music industry, with low-key vocals, over intricate downtempo beats, and lyrics about topics we can all relate to; late night booty calls, picking up girls, and getting wasted.

Here’s their latest single “Closer To Me” and if you haven’t heard the rest of their tunes, get familiar … expect a free EP from Academy over the next couple months.

Read what they had to say in our recent interview (below) while you listen to the track! - Enthused Magazine

"Academy Interview"

Done by Hector Orgando

1) Why name your band Academy?

Evan – Academy refers to a place in the town I grew up

2) What musician first introduced you to music and led you to become a musician?

Evan – My parents

John – My Grandmother

3) When writing music do you like to first get a beat or write the lyrics? And why do you use this order?

Evan – Goes both ways… I’m constantly writing words/phrases/ideas & we’re constantly making/hearing new music so those two things come together in different ways

John – Both & Because

4) If you can meet any artist either dead or alive who would you want to meet and why?

Evan – Frank Sinatra. One of the coolest guys of all time.

John - John Lennon – legend. Would love to get his take on music these days. Would he be writing hooks for Kanye?

5) Your song Seventeen is composed very nicely. The inspiration for the songs beat was from Lorde’s song Love club. Do you guys like taking beats from other artist and add your own lyrics to them? What is the process when doing this?

John – I like writing lyrics and melodies over any song I like. When I heard that Lorde cut I wanted to jack her style with the vocal harmonies for a beat. I figured I’d do one better.

6) What is the craziest thing that has ever happened to you during a show?

John – Half the crowd on the stage with us

7) How was it like doing your first gig?

Evan - First gig we probably sucked… At the same time, it was the most fun/epic shit I’d ever done in my life, and I knew it was something I’d wanna keep doing for a long time.

John -We all had to pee so bad rolling into NYC’s Chinatown at rush hour. Shit was crazy.

8) What is the first instrument you played?

Evan – Alto Saxophone. No one believes me when I tell them that –don’t know why.. RI All-State jazz band in ’08, and I still have the tee shirt to prove it!

John – Piano but wanted to play guitar like my mom from the get go

9) Where do you see your band heading in the next ten years?

Evan – 10 years from now I’ll be 31. I don’t even want to think about that

John – South Pacific

10) What is a hidden talent that you can do that no one else knows about?

Evan – Damn, I wish I had a hidden talent!!

John – I Lucid Dream - WQAQ


Still working on that hot first release.



Born and raised in New England the duo known as Academy are taking the music industry by storm. Their sound, built on good vibes, witty verses and catchy hooks is engineered by LA Transplants John That and Evan Walsh. Since releasing the first single on October 4, 2013, Academy has amassed over 2 Million SoundCloud listens and has attracted the interest of many in the industry. Their debut EP titled 'Moving Methods" was released on June 24th, 2014 and was immediately touted one of the best projects of Summer 2014. In December of 2014 Academy was nominated for ‘Top Artist To Watch in 2015’ as well as ‘Most Underrated Album of 2014’ by Good Music All Day.

Band Members