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2 Dub Official

Toledo, Ohio, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2018

Toledo, Ohio, United States
Established on Jan, 2018
Solo Hip Hop Spoken Word




"2 Dub Official - NuNu"

2 Dub Official is an Ohio-based rap and hip hop artist who strives to bring originality back to the scene. His dynamic flow, paired with lyrics with a poetic twist create a unique experience for his listeners. It’s a fresh aural experience from the commercial side of Hip Hop and Rap these days. 2 Dub Official brings back some old school Hip Hop backing tracks with simplicity and focuses everything on his vocals.

NuNu is 2 Dub’s latest release that uses plain drums that hypnotise you. Meanwhile, the melody line that plays over it creates a sense of some old school nostalgia. The lyrics remind me of some classic Snoop Dogg, Slick Rick, Tupac, and The Notorious B.I.G lyrics. 2 Dub Official is not afraid to talk himself up, as he should be – confident. NuNu is just a glimpse of what 2 Dub can do, having released music since 2018 showcasing 2 Dub’s wide array. Seeing as he’s released singles to date, we might be able to see an album or EP coming from 2 Dub Official in the near future.

Fans of original rap music, with new flows and some heavy bars, will definitely get with 2 Dub’s style. It’s punchy, in-your-face, confident and really edgy. Rest assured that 2 Dub is here to play and win the game.

Be sure to add NuNu to your playlists today! - Rohaan Palaparthy

""NuNu" by 2 Dub Official"

The hardest part about producing underground hip-hop music is staying fresh - whether it’s tonality or musical composition, there’s always a hater around the corner to tell you who did it first. However, when I listen to ‘NuNu’ it’s hard to draw direct comparisons. While it’s easy to say that this indie artist has a style similar to some of the big names on the radio, it’s very obvious that this up-and-coming rapper has a fresh twist on pop music. Without further ado, here is 2 Dub Official.

2 Dub Official’s newest single, ‘NuNu’ features GUTTAGRILLZ and plenty of bang to cruise down the road with. In fact, I’m already torn between what playlist to dump this into. It carries “on the way to the club” vibes but could also be something that just bangs out 24/7 in the “cocktail” playlist. Either way, that’s not why we’re here.

We’re here to talk about ‘NuNu’ and how well it was executed as a studio production. In short - it was executed very well. Of course, we elaborate a bit more than that, so lets start.

‘NuNu’ feels like its very close to a radio-ready banger. In fact, the engineer in me is already making mental footnotes of little tweaks to help this thing bang out on the airwaves. However, as a testament to the talent of 2 Dub Official and GUTTAGRILLZ and the genre of indie rap, this is up there with the cream of the crop. The biggest thing that stands out to me right out of the gate is flow and replayability.

New rap singles aren’t all about replayability, though. In fact, if you ask any old head out there they’ll tell you half of the battle is getting the lyrics right and giving DJ’s something to sample. ‘NuNu’ does this exceptionally well. Littered with clever one-liners and intricately woven rhyme schemes, 2 Dub Official does a great job of creating a head-bobbing atmosphere so the casual listener can jam and giving the Tik-Tok dance connoisseur something fresh to “shoot dance” to.

Another thing that is very much worth noting is the GUTTAGRILLZ’s feature. Often times, you’ll hear a feature on a track and not really be able to distinguish who is who. Whether this comes from production issues or blandness, it happens. On the ‘NuNu’ production this is not the case. While I’m never 100 percent sure how these collaborations come to fruition, I can say very certainly that GUTTAGRILLZ was the perfect collab for this track. 2 Dub and GUTTA do a great job of contrasting each other’s vocals and highlighting strengths while also being notably different lyrically.

Overall, when it comes to this underground hip-hop it’s been a hit or miss for me. That’s one of the reasons I really like ‘NuNu’ by 2 Dub Official featuring GUTTAGRILLZ. This is far from cookie cutter - it may be hype based rap but it is so good. As an artist, I imagine part of your goal is to thoroughly entertain your listeners, whether it is a club goer or a long time fan. I’ll have my ear to the ground for music coming out of 2 Dub Official’s camp but while I wait, I’ll keep spinning ‘NuNu’ on repeat.

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"2 Dub Official - Project P.U.M.A [Full Album]"

Let’s get it! Sauce Alert! One for all the hard workers, “Project P.U.M.A” (P.layas. U.sually M.ake A.djustments) is the brand new album to come from the homie 2 Dub Official & it’s on all platforms right now! This 10 track release encourages everyone to really learn life, be aware & just keep working towards their goal, reminding us that obstacles will come but Diamonds are formed under pressure. He gave us some joints that we definitely gonna be playing in the future. The emerging artist 2 Dub Official has been putting on for Toledo, Ohio went crazy with this new released project! He always been associated with music & working with other people but 2 Dub Official been serious about his own music for about 4 years now. His journey looking back has been one hell of a grind. He started off doing spoken word then tweaked it all the way up. He’s managed to make alliances with producers and other artists from California, Wisconsin, Louisiana, Texas & as well as his hometown. The bars and word play is so hip hop, LITERALLY. This project was full of life stories & gems. It’s like he talking to you one on one. Actually giving you food for fought & having your head rocking at the same time.

2 Dub Official has released quite a bit of content since he jumped in the music game in 2018. His catalog is fire! A True OG giving nothing but game in his verses. “P.U.M.A” definitely showing his abilities to make music. The project is full of sauce. “P.U.M.A” which is one of the joints on the album just happens to be my favorite joint. Players always have to make adjustments. adjustments are necessary. Just make sure you paying attention as he elevates & continues his effort on making memorable music. He’s dropping some quality music right now. A few of my other favorite songs on this project are “Energy”, “What’s My Name”, “Anyone”, & “Dog Walker”. Those really set the tone for me besides “P.U.M.A”. I’m gonna be rocking this till the end of the year. SAUCE! 2 Dub is said to have a bunch of music in the stash but he’s more focused on bringing attention to his music getting into blogs, doing podcasts, appearances, and music videos this year. So, expect to see & hear more from him all 2022. Make sure you take your time when you listen. Straight sauce right here! - SAUCEFROMVELI

"2 Dub Official’s New Album “Project P.U.M.A” Delivers Fresh Hip Hop to Tired Ears"

There are a handful of up-and-coming rappers who know how to deliver competent flows in a repertoire of cadences, let alone create enticing lyrics, clever jabs, and a blend of hip-hop styles throughout an album. However, we are so blessed to have heard from this independent rapper who excels in all of the above-mentioned talents. Without further ado, I am pleased to re-introduce 2 Dub Official and his new album, Project P.U.M.A

I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing some of 2 Dub Official’s work before when I talked about his recent single, “Frequencies of Life”. Since then it seems like this artist has been working on honing their sound and really finding his niche to make an impact on new hip hop. By no means does this mean that 2 Dub Official isn’t ready for the masses - in fact, it’s quite the opposite. It seems like the attention paid to detail on Project P.U.M.A elevates 2 Dub Official to a new level, and I’m here to talk about it.

2 Dub Official Artist Picture
As tradition goes, I talk about my favorite 3 tracks off of the album before we get into technical blah blah blah. On a further note, I think this is the first time I’ve talked about the title track before getting into the rest of the review. “Project P.U.M.A” is the title track for 2 Dub Official’s newest album. “Players Usually Make Adjustments (P.U.M.A.)” is a heartfelt farewell to a past life; the whole song embodies the feeling of looking out of the window of a speeding car as you leave a neighborhood for the last time - and for the better. “P.U.M.A” takes everything that makes old school hip-hop profound and channels it into a modern production setup. Featuring a fairly traditional west coast beat with some heavy synths in the background, 2 Dub Official creates a vivid walkthrough of old neighborhoods where gang banging and back-stabbing is the future people look forward to. A powerful testament to “the come up,” 2 Dub Official reflects on the decisions that one has to make to pull themselves out of a predetermined fate of poverty. He empowers others in the same situation to bootstrap through the hard times while reflecting and growing - as opposed to succumbing - from the environment around them.

“Out of the hood, there is a way” - 2 Dub Official

After that powerful self-testimony, I want to immediately drop into 5th gear and speed off into the next song. While it is clear to me that 2 Dub Official draws a lot of inspiration from the East Coast/West Coast hip-hop production style, I want to take a dive into something that is uniquely 2 Dub Official. That brings us to “Anyone,” a fresh new hip-hop style with a crisp stylization. With a sickeningly sweet blend of guitar, 808, steel drum, and glissandos “Anyone” is great for setting the mood - whatever that mood may be. While the lyrics are still clever and well-executed on this track, it really stands out to me as 2 Dub Official’s attempt at making something more pop-oriented. “Anyone” feels like a radio banger with plenty of potential for club and DJ remixes. On top of that, the initial production is well mixed and the hook is catchy enough to act as a hook, line, and sinker. I think the only thing I walked away from this track looking for was a little more focus on the vocal layering to fit the vocal effects a little more into the fix. However, this didn’t make the song any less exciting to listen to on repeat for the last few hours.

Last but not least, I wanted to give “Energy” the third slot in this little gush about songs I liked off the Project P.U.M.A album. “Energy” is another song that feels unique to 2 Dub Official. As I go through more tracks on this album, it becomes more and more obvious to me that the “unique 2 Dub Official” sound is a mish-mash of popular production tropes effortlessly woven into that East Coast/West Coast vibe I keep finding laden throughout.

And it’s not a bad thing.

In fact, in my personal opinion, I think nostalgia is one of the most valuable commodities anyone can harness - even if momentarily. While 2 Dub Official has made it very apparent that he has a competent team of musicians working with him on the Project P.U.M.A album, he also has poignant and relevant messaging that he is able to distribute to larger audiences due to the nostalgia factor tied into “the way music used to be.” I could go on and on about how much I liked “Energy” due to its high octane beat, the hyped-up lyrics, or the driving bass throughout, but I would be beating a dead horse. It’s obvious this team knows what they’re doing - it’s 2 Dub Official that delivers the final blow on a 1-2-Combo.

Overall, my takeaway from Project P.U.M.A is it’s good to see an up-and-coming rapper continue to pursue their ambition and become better along the way. From the scale of production, the quality of songs, the impact of lyrics, the delivery of flows and cadences, all of the things that 2 Dub Official has been working on and honing ultimately pay off in the release of his new album. Most of the beats are so layered and delicately leveled that it’s easy to get lost in the bangers that accompany 2 Dub Official’s lyrical performance. Often times for me, it was the delivery of a line or a shift in tone that brought me back into the listening experience. It’s the way that the music and 2 Dub Official really compliment each other that sells this album for me. It doesn’t seem like a far stretch to say that it would do the same for others.

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