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Kadda Sheekoff

New York, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | INDIE

New York, New York, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2010
Solo Pop Afropop




"Haitian-born singer Kadda Sheekoff"

Well-known in Haiti, yet still a relative unknown internationally, the 27-year-old is heralded as the frontman of Haiti hip-hop (or Rap Kreyòl, as it’s colloquially known). Our 60-minute conversation proves that Kadda Sheekoff not only lives and breathes his profession, but also that he is smart, laser-focused, and has a plan — not just for himself but for Haitian Music and Cameroon Music.

After the song “All My Life” Kadda Sheekoff has his sights set on something bigger: Rap Kreyòl’s world domination.

It’s perhaps fitting, then, that Kadda Sheekoff sold out “The Man Of The Hour” in Louisville, Kentucky the day before I interview him. The show was special for him because that was his first time In Kentucky.

When the Pop Singer was 16, Kadda Sheekoff’s aunt told him that him and his little brother to move out and find a place. “I’m 16, no idea how to get an apartment or how to apply for a job,” he recounts. “Then one day, my aunt said we had to be out in three days. I didn’t believe her. It wasn’t real for me until I saw all my stuff in boxes by the front door.” Through friends, Kadda Sheekoff and his young brother Meranda Junior Pierre had to spent 2 weeks in a Haitian secondhand Store located in Nostrand Ave in Brooklyn, NY.

Kadda Sheekoff says he always knew he wanted to be a rapper, but it was the lack of motivation and, above all else, Families that led to a slow start. ” he says. “When I turned 18, I moved to Salisbury, Maryland. That’s where everything got a lot more serious. “That’s when I started to use my energy for the right things, in my room,” he continues. “I were uploading videos to Facebook and getting only 50 clicks.

From there, Kadda Sheekoff got bigger and bigger, performing as the opening act for Lupe Fiasco, though Kadda Sheekoff laughs at the fact that they never actually met since he traveled in a separate bus. The increased clout and platform brought bigger crowds and more opportunities, but it also revealed who his real friends were. “You just start cutting out certain people that were only holding you back,” he tells me. “At some point you just realize the people that are there for you are the people that respect every decision you make and stand behind you every time.” Kadda Sheekoff believes that was one of the most important points in his career.

As charming as the Pop singer is, he’s also not afraid to make difficult decisions. “I just sold out “The Man Of The Hour”, and a lot of young guys in my age are still on the street, and that’s not somewhere I want to be.” Kadda Sheekoff recognizes his roots. “I come from Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere according to CNN news, Donald Trump said CNN is full of fake news, I don’t know if it’s true or not. But anyway I have characteristics from Haiti, and living in Haiti can teach you positive lessons as well,” he says. “But in general, I am proud to say that I’m Haitian, and I don’t want to be American at all. I’m a rapper now.” - Yvone Okoye


Music can be the therapy and motivation and Kadda Sheekoff is trying to be an inspiration to his fans with his latest release "All My Life"

Kadda Sheekoff Born in Haiti on January 13, 1993. his a rapper, singer, songwriter he had an outstanding performance in "All My Life" a song mix with french and English. The song itself has nearly 10,000 streams collectively

he used his instagram last month to tell his followers that the music video of the song "All My Life" is coming out soon.

He has faced many challenges but nothing could dominate his passion for music.



Kadda Sheekoff moved to New Jersey in 2018 to reach a larger audience. His music combines traditional West African music styles with influences from both Cameroon and Haiti.

Although Kadda Sheekoff was famous in Haiti and had achieved a strong fan base among connoisseurs around the world, in 2019, “All My Life” became his international-breakthrough Song. The project was produced by Kiirya Beats, a Beat maker who had already discovered dozens of African stars. The arrangements feature the roiling rhythms, slightly nasal Male backup choirs, and traditional percussion typical of Haitian music.

Kadda Sheekoff found success in Haiti as one of the Haitian stars who imprecations in his music, but his work was sometimes criticised for the gloss of its production and for the occasional haphazard quality. However, shortly after the turn of the millennium he returned to Jacmel, Haiti to live and record. 

“Lenational” described his voice as an "arresting tenor, a supple weapon deployed with prophetic authority". Kadda Sheekoff’s work absorbed the entire Haitian musical spectrum, often filtered through the lens of genre-defying Afro or pop music from outside Cameroon culture.

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